Innovative Cooking Solutions For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the home and the place where family and friends come together for meals. In fact, 98% of Americans say that a meal cooked
at home is their favorite choice. Moreover, 50% of people cook between three and six times a week, and increasingly more home cooks are looking for new and alternative cooking solutions for their kitchen. People want to be able to create a wide range of cuisines with authenticity. When you are designing your kitchen,think about how you can incorporate different innovations that will assist you in cooking your perfect meal.

*A dual fuel stove *

 dual fuel cooker

There is always a big debate regarding the best fuel for cooking. Is it electricity or gas? A good electric oven will have a consistent temperature and is easy to use. However with the hob, you have to wait for the surface to heat up adequately before you can cook. An electric hob can also be temperamental if the oven isn’t completely level on the floor. Gas ovens aren’t always easy to light and are heavy on fuel consumption.
However, a gas hob though uses very little fuel and provides instant heat for cooking. In your dream designer kitchen, you don’t have to settle for
one or the other – fitting a dual fuel stove gives you the best of both worlds. You can roast a chicken in the electric oven and warm soup on the gas hob.

*An indoor barbecue*

An indoor barbecue

image source: Forbes

Do you want that smoky, delicious barbecue taste, even on a rainy day in the middle of winter? Don’t worry: you can still have it by installing an
indoor barbecue in your kitchen. They don’t have to take up a lot of space either. Korean style smokeless charcoal barbecues are made to fit neatly on
your table top. You can also buy small Teppanyaki table grills. These are a great way to cook for family and friends, who will enjoy preparing their own food in a sociable way. It will certainly be a talking point at a party.

*A Sous Vide Machine*

Sous Vide Machine

image source:sousvidesupreme

A Sous Vide machine is a culinary water bath that can be set to a specific temperature. It is a wonderful way to cook vacuum-packed meat, fish, and
even vegetables slowly and evenly. By cooking in this way, meat becomes super tender and delicious. You can even cook in a marinade for added
flavor. A Sous Vide is relatively inexpensive to buy – basic models for your kitchen cost as little as $99.

There are so many different ways to make fantastic meal at home. You can enjoy cooking it just as much as you enjoy eating it.


Article Contributed by :  Jennifer Dockley