Common Problems Faced During Bathroom Renovations

Remodelling a bathroom might seem like a daunting task, but it’s certainly one worth doing. After all, your bathroom is a central part of your home. So, if you feel like your house is looking a little uninspired, renovating your bathroom can make all your self-care rituals that much more exciting and meaningful. For those who love to entertain guests, having a clean and newly renovated bathroom adds that extra warm touch that will make any visitor feel like they are right at home.

In order to prepare yourself, below are some common problems you might face when renovating your bathroom.

A build up of mould

mould in bathroom

Mould can make your bathroom look unsightly, but more importantly it can be a serious health hazard if you’re planning to renovate.

Renovation bring about a lot of dust and debris as it is, but imagine how much worse it can get when you have bacteria from the mould to deal with as well. Good Housekeeping suggests you use a bleach and water solution as it is the best way to get rid of mould, especially as this solution works on everything from bathroom tiles to fabrics. They also recommend fungicidal bathroom spray to help get rid of shower grout. In general, you should do a thorough clean and be sure you’ve got rid of as much mould as possible before starting on your renovations. This ensures that you’re working with clean surfaces when you do begin the DIY work.

Blocked pipes

blocked bathroom pipes

Blocked pipes are a common problem that you’re bound to face, but it has the potential to seriously delay any potential bathroom renovations. This is the reason why HomeServe recommends homeowners take out plumbing and drainage insurance in order to counter any problems should they arise. Any comprehensive insurance policy should also offer hassle-free maintenance services, which are worth calling before you plan your renovation to ensure that you’re starting on the right foot. A plumber can also help inform you of potential steps you should take in order for you to bypass any other issues while renovating. Although you may think you can unblock your drain by yourself, it’s worth calling a repairman to do a thorough check and ensure you’re okay to proceed with your renovation plans.

Poor ventilation

Poor ventilation bathroom

As an extension to the first point, the Irish Examiner highlights that good ventilation is crucial to preventing mould – and it’s also crucial for getting the air out when you’re planning any huge bathroom renovations. If you’re painting your walls or installing new tiles, good ventilation ensures that no pollutants get stuck in the air. You need both an outside vent and an exhaust fan in order to ventilate your bathroom efficiently. Thankfully, ventilating your bathroom is simple enough: positioning a box fan to blow air out of a window is a good enough fix, provided that you have a strong enough fan to keep the air going.

Here at Faburous we are no strangers to just how much work it takes to renovate a bathroom, but the results are worth it. With proper planning and preparation, you’ll have the bathroom of your dreams before you know it!


Article Contributed by : Naina Francis