Colorful Lighting Ideas For Your Entire Home

One of the most important elements of any interior is the amount of illumination. Lighting provides your house with a subtle, elegant and attractive appeal. No expensive home decor item can match the level of astonishing indoor lighting. If there’s any place that motivates you to achieve more, then that has to be your own house. You need to illuminate your indoors in ways that inspire you to do better.

Whether it’s the living room area or your backyard, better illumination is always an effective home decor idea. Instead of changing the furniture or plumbing, you should focus on fetching some eloquent lights. Make your house evolve along with you and keep adding lights to it.


Read below to know some amazing lighting tips that are in-budget and highly effective.

Fill The Wall With Warm Lights

While illuminating your living room, it’s always better to start with the walls first. Prefer the warm-toned lights which help in creating a pleasant environment. You must avoid fetching the flashy lights for your living room walls. Not only will it sharpen the edges, but also make your living room look uncomfortable. So, soften the vibe a little with some warm yet glowy wall lights.

You can also add some dimmers on the wall lights. They often help in adding a dramatic appeal to your living room area.

Floor Lamps For Better Concentration


Did you just buy an expensive table decor and want to highlight it? There’s no better way to highlight parts of your interior than floor lamps. All you need to do is add one above the item that requires concentration. Another advantage of choosing floor lamps is their availability in various sizes. You can find absolutely any size as well as design on the market. From umbrella-like lamps to fancy ones, prefer any of them according to the area.

Grab some good quality cords like the power cord to illuminate the floor lamps. Not only will this cord allow better illumination, but it also limits the resistance to electrical flow.

Spread The Glow With Chandeliers

If there’s one light that brightens up your drawing room area the best, then that is a chandelier. Instilled with the property to spread light evenly, chandeliers are the most suitable for the living room. Illuminate every corner of your main area with a good quality chandelier that offers a warm yet romantic glow. Chandeliers can provide any appeal to your indoors. From old-school and funky metal chandeliers to classy and elegant crystal ones, you can fetch them all.

Grab the best chandelier and improve your home lighting effectively. Also, don’t forget to add on a dimmer to create a dramatic vibe.

Add Some Brightness To The Fan

One of the best ways to make your indoor lighting stand out from the rest is by brightening up the unique areas. Think of all the odd parts of your house that don’t require much light. One such item is your living room fan. Try adding some LED Bulbs or fancy home decor lighting to the fans. You can also replace the chandeliers with fan lights that are attached to the walls. That way, you save some bucks along with transforming your home lighting to something worth cherishing.

Before you embellish your fans with some elegant lighting, make sure to fetch the lights that are suitable for that purpose. You must buy the lights that can bear the vibrational motion of the fan. It’s best to take the help of an expert.

Bed-Side Lamps For Bedroom Decor

Are you one of those people who doze off while reading their favorite novels? If yes, then the bedside lamps are your savior. Just put the lamps beside your bed and keep reading without feeling sleepy. Bedside lamps are available in many designs. From the wall-attached one to the table lamps, you can add absolutely anything for this purpose.

You can also control the intensity of light. If the illumination is too much to bear, try adding some dimmers to the lights.

Hanging Lights For Embellishing Kitchen

When it comes to decorating the kitchen, we have limited options. One such choice is to prefer hanging lights. Popularly known as the pendant lights, these are highly effective in kitchen decor. It instantly brightens up the area of the kitchen that requires brightness. Along with fancy illumination, they also appear as an elegant lighting option.

If you’re looking out for slightly old-school lighting, then do try the hanging lights. Who knows you might also find some adjustable lights that allow better movement.

Add On Some Romantic Lanterns

For all the house parties and get-togethers, lanterns can save you from a lot of embarrassment. Leave the boring couch and add some pillows on the floor rug. Further, add some flowers and lanterns to create the best venue for your date nights. You can find the lanterns available in different patterns. From round neck to umbrella-shaped ones, lanterns are highly versatile. All you need to do is find the best one and add the same to your dating area.

So, don’t wait and start creating your dream place for future dates now.

Use The Lights For Wall Decor

When talking about home decor, you can’t miss out on the lighting part. One of the most overlooked areas of the living room is the walls. Add on some lights on the wall to create a photo booth kind of look. You can also refer to the DIY projects to know some subtle ways.

Walk the path towards success and let the wall lights guide you home.

Bottom Line

Before you begin with the lighting decor, think of all the possible areas first. Further, find out the best kind of lights for each one of them. Remember, you shouldn’t add the hanging lights in your washroom. To rock the lighting game, prefer the unique lights. From chandeliers to lanterns, consider every fancy option before starting with it.

Go ahead and brighten up your house with the best illumination.


Contributed by : Jessica Smith