3 Easy, Creative Ways to Change the Color of Your Dining Room Table

There are a whole host of reasons that you might be interested in changing the color of your dining room table. If you’ve had your dining table for awhile, you might be looking for a way to refresh the look and feel of it. Or, perhaps you’ve just found an older table that you like, but it needs a new finish to the top of it. Either way, changing the color of your dining room table is not hard, and we’ll walk you through your different options.
Sanding Your Dining Room Table

No matter what you decide to do with your table top, you’ll need to sand the top down. Each of the three methods require a different amount of sanding, and we’ll walk through that in the following steps.
Sanding does not have to be hard. You can either use an electric sander, or pick up a sanding block and do the sanding by hand.

Painting Your Dining Room Table


source: veronicarodriguez

The easiest of the three options, painting your dining room table is a quick and easy way to bring life back to an old table. You can have a lot of fun with paint colors, and the entire process doesn’t take very long.
For starters, you only need to do minimal sanding. You’re really just looking to give your table an even, flat surface. Don’t worry about sanding it all the way down to the wood finish.
You’ll probably want to apply several coats of paint, since a dining table can take a beating over time. A simple, water-based paint will work just fine.

Oiling Your Dining Room Table


If you’re looking for a natural wood finish to your dining room table, then using oil is the method you want to go for. You’ll need to sand the table until the natural wood look and color is all that you have. This will take a little bit of time, and is probably the hardest part of the process. However, the rewards will be worth it.
Use an oil like tung oil on your dining room table. Tung oil is a highly water resistant curing oil that has been used for ages on top of woodwork. Apply several coats of the oil, using a simple back-and-forth process with a buff rag.
Once done, you’ll be left with a table that shows the natural wood grains and color, and yet is protected from the elements of every day use.

Stain Your Dining Room Table


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Staining your dining room table gives you the best of both worlds. You get to have the coloration of your choosing, but still retain the natural wood grains, as they will show through your stain.
You’ll need to sand the wood tabletop down to the same level as if you were working with oil. A stained dining room table is the most labor intensive, because you’ll need to add several layers of staining, and then a coat or two of finish. However, your table will be a work of art when you’re done with it.

Any of these three methods will bring life back to your dining room table, while also adding style and charm. No matter which method you chose, you’ll have a dramatic improvement to your dining room table.