Brown Bathroom Ideas

Colors matter a lot when you design interior of your house. Different colors create different impact in different spaces. You should be eclectic while designing your bathroom and choosing a color scheme for it. When you think of brown and pastel colors for your interior, only leather sofas and classic wooden furniture in contrast with pastel walls comes into your mind. But here we are introducing another dimension of using brown color to adorn your interior space in the form of brown bathroom ideas. Brown color gives a very warm, cozy and traditional impact making your space look more natural. So, if you want to try this unique color scheme for your bathroom, have a look at these inspirational ideas:

1. Classy Brown

Dark brown walls bathroom

Dark brown walls and vanity creates a balance with neutral floor. A narrow niche behind the bath tub with mosaic tile is an amazing option to keep your toiletries.

2. Chocolate Brown

white bathroom fixtures

Brown tiles with white grooves and white bathroom fixtures provide a fascinating contrast. All the fixtures are brilliantly adjusted within a small space retaining the aesthetic character.

3. Brown with Grey

 Brown with Grey bathroom

A unique and charming contrast of brown and grey is used to create a modern design. Grey wall paint, wooden tiles and corian vanity is a perfect choice for your bathroom.

4. Natural Brown

 wooden tiles

A very natural color of wooden tiles is used in contrast with black which gives a chic and contemporary appeal. Glass shower cabin with narrow openings in wall and a wide vanity mirror looks enticing.

5. Walnut Brown

Walnut brown tile bathroom

Walnut brown tile is used with a pastel paint to make the washroom look warm and cozy. Marble of similar color is used for vanity counter cladding in contrast with a vibrant orange glass bowl vanity.

6. Maroonish Brown

Narrow wall tiles

Narrow wall tiles in maroonish brown color, yellow wooden floor, white ceiling and bathroom fixtures creates brilliant contrast. A reflective glass medicine cabinet is used behind vanity to save the space.

7. Carob Brown

tile of contrasting texture

Carob brown tiles are used on walls and floor to create a wholeness in the space. A tile of contrasting texture is used on the wall behind tub to break the monotony.

8. Wood Brown

Wooden floor tiles, clay backsplash tile on walls and bathroom fixtures is a wonderful option if you are looking for a transitional bathroom. Full wall mirror is used to make the space look bigger.

9. Brown Splash

brown bathroom

Splash effect is created in the bathroom with the use of marble tiles which is a unique idea. The whole washroom is cladded in same tile to make it look warm

10. Glossy Brown

Glossy marble tiles

Glossy marble tiles with silver and white bathroom fixtures makes the bathroom look shiny. White ceiling creates a contrast with the rest of the space.