Floor Standing Bedroom Reading Lamps

Floor Standing lamps are an important element of a room not only in terms of functionality but they also play their part in creating ambiance of a room. They take very less space from one of the corners of your room making that corner the most charming of all. With the help of these free standing lamps, you can adjust lighting of your room depending upon your mood. You can a find a perfect reading nook within your room providing yourself a sufficient light with the help of these lamps. There exists a wide range of lamps but we are discussing ten different types of floor standing lamps in this article, so that you can choose and embellish your room:

 1. Empire Round Lamp

 Round Lamp

This free standing lamp with empire shade goes perfectly with this silver aura room. The lamp is place behind arm chair to provide sufficient light while reading book and sitting close to your fireplace.

2. Glass Tray Lamp

Glass tray lamp

Glass tray lamp placed in low height corner of the room to make an already white room more bright and shiny. Lamp’s light is reflecting on the wall to create a beautiful impact.

3. Drum Lamp With Mesh Stand

 Drum Lamp With Mesh Stand

Iron mesh stand with a drum shade enhances the visual appeal of this antique style winter room. Lamp placed right in front of the window besides sofa seats is a unique idea.

4. Club Lamp

Club lamp with a sleek and delicate iron stand

Club lamp with a sleek and delicate iron stand is shedding a subtle light creates an enticing impact. Lamp is placed close to dressing mirror to provide you a good light when you are getting ready to go for special events.

5. Tripod

Tripod lamp standing

Tripod lamp standing beside a cozy couch looks stylish with its elegant cage style shade. The whole room gives a wonderful classical appeal and this corner lamp provides a perfect design statement for classical interior style.

6. Mogul Lamp

Mogul lamp with its three way bulb

Mogul lamp with its three way bulb is provided in this intricate and heavily embellished space to offer a tremendous amount of light. This lamp is a perfect choice to light up bronze interior sapces.

7. Spotlight Lamp

Spotlight lamp with a cylindrical shade is a best option to light up your space if you like to read a book sitting in the window nook of your room.

8. Boom arm Lamp

Boom arm lamp

Boom arm lamp is provided beside a feather stuffed cozy sofa chair so that you can relax and enjoy reading your book by adjusting light angle and distance according to your need.

9. Buffet Lamp

White traditional buffet lamp looks perfect with this blue kid’s room. Adding this tall lamp into your room is a brilliant idea to illuminate the whole space.

10. Down bridge Lamp

This modern down bridge lamp adds more taste to this already contemporary room. Dramatic impact is created in whole space with the use of warm light.