Increase Your Productivity With a Beautiful Home Office

Did you know that simply having a plant in your office can increase productivity by 15 percent? Additionally, adding personal touches to your workspace and making sure your furniture arrangement is ergonomically sound can also increase productivity. By walking into a workspace everyday that makes you happy, you can improve your mood, thus improving your productivity.

As with any office, the first thing to consider in designing your home office is function. You should make sure you have a spot for everything you
need and you’re able to put things away once you’re finished using them. Clutter is the enemy of productivity, so before you purchase anything, take
into account how exactly your office will be used.

*A Bright Idea*

Proper lighting is an absolute must for any office for both productivity and mood. The proper amount of light can reduce eye strain and therefore minimizefatigue. Natural light, if possible, is the best option, but even if you are fortunate enough to have a home office with ample windows, you will
still need light fixtures.

Lamps and light fixtures are one of the best ways to introduce beauty in a functional piece. Consider a large hanging fixture directly over your desk
that provides the light you need to work by but also makes a statement. Fixtures should be beautiful, and you can always swap the bulbs for better
task lighting in a beautiful fixture that suits your fancy.

*The Perfect View*

When selecting office furniture, again, think of how you will use the space. If you will have visitors in your home office, you’ll need guest
chairs. One of the most important factors in furniture placement is where your back will be. It is always better to face a door than to have your
back to it, so if you have the space, place your stylish desk in the center of the room where you are able to sit behind it.

It is good to have a place to take a break and have a change of scenery. If  you work on a laptop, you can move from your desk to a chair for a
different view. This also allows you to select a fabulous upholstered chair and small table for a seating area away from your desk, further
personalizing your space.

*Personal Touches*

Once you have selected your lighting and furniture, placed your furniture properly and given a home to everything you need for a functional office,
you can start adding personal decorating touches to your space. Photos of  your family, or perhaps a favorite vacation destination, can add
inspiration to your space. Your favorite ceramic container is the perfect place for an office plant, or perhaps you have the space for a larger plant
on the floor. Small mementos can also bring joy, but remember that a clean, uncluttered space is best, so keep trinkets to a minimum.

Creating and displaying a vision board

vision board

Creating and displaying a vision board for your office is also a scientifically-backed method to improve one’s mood and productivity
The board can be for your personal life, including future goals like buying a house or taking a dream vacation, and can also include business goals, like sales objectives or a client wish list.

With these rules in mind, you can find furniture and accessories to create the perfect home office. Whether your style is Hollywood glam or
Scandinavian minimalism, you can create a space that speaks to you. Good lighting, great function, storage for everything, personal touches, a mood
board, and some plants and you will create a space that promotes happiness and increases your productivity.


Article Contributed by :  Jennifer Dockley