Bathroom Sink Ideas

There are different extremely important elements involved to style your bathroom and vanity is one of them. You start and end your day with your bathroom vanity. Bathroom sinks not only provides you a space to wash your face and brush your teeth in the morning but also facilitates you with a storage to keep your toiletries and bathroom accessories. It also plays an important role in enhancing the ornamental factor of a bathroom and a stylish vanity is important to help your bathroom spark. They are now available in a great range of styles and materials. And it’s time to take a look at the space in which you dress and get ready for very important event in your life. Here you will find inspirations for any style from traditional to modern and vintage to contemporary in order to make that space more enticing to you:

1. Chic Wall Mounted Vanity


A contrast of sleek white bathroom fixtures with peach tiles in the background looks outstanding. A wall mounted vanity is provided to consume less space and make bathroom look wide.

2. Console Vanity


A minimalist design approach is taken by providing console sink with built-in towel bars. A medicine cabinet is provided with mercury door pairs to fulfill the purpose of mirror too.

3. Transitional Vanity

 modern and classical elements

A fusion of both modern and classical elements together provides an exquisite design for a bathroom. A mirror with molded frame and hollow bottom vanity with stool legs makes it look transitional.

4. Floating Cabinet Vanity

Floating Cabinet

Subtle hued mosaic tiles on walls and floor and floating vanity complements the rectilinear design of bathroom. Suspended cabinetry is a contemporary panache and a great space savvy idea for bathroom design.

5. Full Wall Vanity

Full Wall Vanity

Marble Vanity top with a rectangular shaped sink covering the whole wall with a mirror in the backsplash looks classical. Suspended black shelves, wooden cabinets and grey tile floor augments the aesthetic value of design.

6. Glass Bowl Vanity


A dark brown glass bowl vanity placed on the beige marble top with a rustic mosaic backsplash and a vertical mirror looks wonderful. Grey walls, wooden cabinets and wooden floor are adding value to the whole space.

7. Bare Pipe Vanity

 Bare Pipe sink

Vanity with a bare steel pipe looks very natural with a naked brick wall in the background. A contrast of turquoise floor with an elegant collage of pictures on the lime washed wall is amazing.

8. Lily White Vanity


Dark wooden floor gives a contrast to an all-over white design. Keeping all its simplicity, the bathroom is adorned with a strategic styling with the help of hanging shelves and wall mounted sink.

9. Box Vanity

Box sink

A box vanity with drawer storage and achromatic wall paper adds interest to this small space without overdoing it. A hanging light enhances the artistic factor of the space.

10. Copper Vanity

 Copper Vanity

Copper interior of the bathroom is neutralized with an aqua mosaic tile. A big tub is provided with shelves behind to keep towels and products in order to save space. A brass bowl vanity is a perfect element of this space.