6 Things You Should Execute Before Selling the House

An asset transaction always puts you at your wits’ end especially when it’s about selling your home. This is not a transaction that you do every day; hence more than likely you will lack the knowledge of the pros and cons of a real estate transaction.

I need to sell my house fast in Houston.” This is a concern of every house seller of Houston. However, you should not take the decision of selling your home lightly and hastily. Here are some of the things you should make sure to execute before selling your house.


  1. Do a Proper Price Research : You must have bought your house years aback; more than likely you do not know the market value of your house. You are advised to do a proper price research on the prevailing prices of your area. Moreover, you should also learn how the market trend goes. For instance, if the real estate market is bearish (buyers market) then you should try not to sell the house until the market trend changes.
  2. Don’t Set a Price that is Unrealistically Too High : People often believe, ‘the more you quote, the more you get’. Nonetheless, this is an absolutely wrong concept. When you quote a price for your house that is nowhere near to the prevailing prices, the buyer will not consider your house at all. Rather set the price that’s near to the existing market rates to get the most attention and traffic.
  3. Hire a Home Appraiser : They are the professionals who visit your property and provide you with the valuation of your house. Hiring them shall help you get the exact valuation of the property. Besides, when you hire a professional, it helps you negotiate with your prospective buyers as they cannot stretch the negotiating arguments much beyond the reasonable valuation.
  4. Do a Proper Survey of the Realtor : Getting a good real estate agent is an essential item to make the deal work well. From listing to finding the prospective buyer, your realtor is a very important link between the buyer and you. Hence, you need to have a good agent to sell your property.

Before entering into any contract with them, make sure to take the reviews of that agent. Also, consider meeting all the members of the team real estate professional such as photographer, home staging agent, closing attorney etc. Unless you already know the agent, don’t hire the one without meeting at least two to three other agents.

  1. Sell your house to a Seasoned Real Estate Investor : People these days opt for a real estate investor instead of an agent – this is an increasing trend and there is good reason for it. Usually, the investors will buy the house in its ‘as-is’ condition that saves both your time and energy. You do not require to go for listing, photo shoot, house staging, etc. to sell your house. Selling your home to a real estate investor is indeed a hassle-free solution to sell your house.

However, you should be extra vigilant while choosing right real estate investor. Ensure yourself by hiring a leading investor with knowledge in your area. For instance, if you stay in Houston, the Greater Houston Houses, LLC, is one of the leading companies there that you should consider. To know more about what we do please visit us at www.Greaterhoustonhouse.com.    

  1. Consider your credit situation and the Tax Liability of the trascation : Quite often, people do not consider the tax factor while setting the price of the house. Every state has a different tax deduction policy, and every individuals personal tax situation is different. You may have a huge capital gain tax levied on your property that will leave you with the substantially small amount of monetary consideration. Make sure to know the tax rate that shall affect your transaction and set the price of your house in such a way that it does not hamper the ultimate price.

I hope by reading this – you would have gained invaluable insight. Please reach out to us at Greater Houston House for more information.