Are you a traveller?- Here are 6 Amazing home decor ideas for you

Whether you’re a world traveller or merely planning to travel to your favourite vacation getaway, you’re bound to purchase genuine decorative items to highlight the interiors of your home. Try out these 6 fantastic home decor ideas:

Decorate your household items with custom travel photo prints -How about transforming your travel photos into beautiful pieces of art? So, set aside the photo frames and think out of the box. Your travel photos of beaches, tropical forests or snow-capped mountains instantly define the theme of a room.

For instance, incorporating your beach holiday photos into your bedroom furnishings and accessories will instantly give your room a stunning makeover. So, print your blankets, bedsheets, pillowcases, rugs and even shower curtains with your beach travel photos, thus adorning the furnishings with so many of your special memories.

The next time you cuddle up in bed with your soft, customized photo blanket, you’re sure to relive your holiday moments by the beachside.

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Spruce up your living room with wall art by using your personalized holiday photo prints. Showcase your most-liked travel photo prints through canvases and collages. Such amazing wall decor will instantly start up an interesting conversation with your visitors.

You can also beautify lampshades, bathroom mats, coffee mugs and playing cards with prints of your favourite travel pictures.

⦁ Showcase the Postcards

Adorn your interiors with a display of all those postcards you’ve collected from different places across the globe. Postcards are lightweight. Hence you can easily carry them back home. Make sure you buy as many notes as possible, from all the tourist spots that you visit.

Postcards have an incredible visual power without resulting in extra clutter and are an inexpensive means of dressing up your interiors. Showcase these colourful keepsakes in a range of creative ways.

Use a hanging photo kit to display your collection, or organize the postcards in a criss-cross pattern beneath your centre table’s glass top. Let your card carousel hold piles of these postcards and make shuffling through them fun, while also making them handy.

How about accentuating your doorframe? Edge it cleverly with your miscellaneous collection of postcards, and you’re sure to achieve the desired appeal. For the ultimate timeless feel, display a revolving cast of postcards with an antique pants hanger, or frame ancient black-and-white cards.

⦁ Reuse Globes 

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A typical depiction of travel and probably the simplest way of adorning your home, the globe truly portrays your liking for travel.

Try combining a globe with lighting, an absolute necessity as well as a style add-on. Dismantle the globe’s two hemispheres and create a funky light fitting with each of them.

Turn one of the hemispheres of the globe upside down to form a fancy bowl. Based on how you coat the inner surface of the globe, you can fill the bowl with several things, including fruits, potpourri, cookies and even Christmas cards.
If you have a vast collection of globes, simply show them off, over the mantel. You can also use one of them as a nightstand topper. Get even more creative by converting your globe into a drink cabinet, yes, a dual-role globe bar!

Hold your favourite books with enticing wooden or metallic globe bookends. A unique blend of durability and decoration!

⦁ Get Creative with World Maps :

Score umpteen style points by cleverly incorporating world maps into your home decor. Use inexpensive paper maps to adorn your furniture, art pieces and add-ons.

How about using the world map as an above-the-sofa showpiece? Go for an over-sized map in bright colours and frame it in black-coloured glass to set the perfect mood for your living room.

Give your kitchen window panes a worldly treatment! Style them up by adorning the window roller with your world map. This map-adorned shade helps to block sunlight and gives a creative feel to the entire space. A much-needed distraction from your mundane tasks in the kitchen!

It’s indeed a pleasure to reminisce over the joyous moments which you experienced in your favourite holiday destinations while you sip a cup of hot tea. Travel-themed tea coasters will help you do just that. Simply adorn square tiles with paper-based maps of all these vacation spots.

Also, a scratch-off map of the world, besides adorning any space, serves as a good reminder of all your holiday travels. Simply paste it on your door or the wall.

⦁ Place Travel Magnets Creatively

If collecting magnets while travelling is your hobby, these interesting keepsakes provide ample potential for decorating your home. Adorn your fridge and wardrobes with your travel magnets, and let them make a great piece of conversation during your gatherings at home.

Fix a magnet board on the wall to display all your travel magnets. The board holds the magnets firmly, and the pictorial arrangement is sure to create interest.

Try using the magnets as wall decor. All that you need to do is fix a long, metallic strip to the wall with metallic screws and then place the attractions on this metallic sheet. The colourful magnets provide an ideal contrast to the simple metallic texture. The magnet wall will undoubtedly serve as a beautiful backdrop to your parties.

⦁ Reuse Travel Suitcases

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You can reuse the⦁ ⦁ vintage suitcases as different items of decor while also using them as comfortable storage spaces. For instance, you can use only one bag or stack a few of them over each other to form a nice-looking bed stand. It can make a sturdy base for a bedside lamp and a cute, brass alarm clock. Paint the suitcases if you want them to go with the colours of your interiors.

Talking about comfy storage, you could easily use a giant suitcase to store your small bar. For achieving a striking contrast in your modern interiors, you can use a vintage bag as a charming coffee table. Leave the suitcase as is, i.e. don’t bother about modifying it so that it creates a magnified personal touch.

So, now you know how to use travel-themed ideas to give your home decor a genuinely global flavour.


Article Contributed by : Ross Geller