Refurnishing Your Bedroom? 4 Ways to Dispose of Your Old Mattress

Homeowners who aren’t getting enough sleep at night might need to get a new mattress. As mattresses become worn and damaged, the products don’t present enough support for the body. Homeowners need a mattress that cradles the body and improves how they rest. But, when the homeowner buys a new mattress what will they do with the old one? Homeowners who need to get rid of an old mattress read the 4 ways to dispose of your old mattress.

1. Buy a New Mattress and Have It Delivered

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Buying a new mattress gives the consumer an opportunity to get rid of their old mattress. Retailers offer delivery and set up for the new mattress, and they will remove the old mattress for the property owner. Most retailers don’t charge a fee for the mattress removal and take the mattress to a recycling center. The consumers get a new mattress that helps them sleep better and get the best night’s sleep possible. Details about each mattress are available for each selection including what mattress is best for the consumer’s sleeping position. Consumers who need a new mattress review several options now at 360homeware

2. Donate the Old Mattress to a Thrift Store

Donating the old mattress to a thrift store gets it out of the property, and anyone who needs a mattress can get it for a fair and reasonable price. When donating the mattress to a thrift store, the property owners contact the thrift store and schedules a pickup. Workers from the thrift store arrive with a transport vehicle and take the mattress and the box spring and take it to the thrift store. The option helps the homeowner get rid of the mattress and their old boxsprings, and they can get a receipt to deduct the charitable donation on their income taxes.

3. Sell the Old Mattress Through an App

Sell the Old Mattress Through an App

Selling the old mattress through an app gives the consumer fast cash and helps someone who needs the mattress get it quickly. Typically, consumers sell the mattress and/or the boxsprings locally, and the buyer picks up the mattress at their preferred location. The opportunity eliminates shipping costs and helps others find a mattress quickly. The payments are processed through an online payment solution, and the seller gets their money immediately. The selling apps are available for all smartphones and help sellers and buyers connect quickly.

4. Send It to a Recycling Center

Mattress Recycling

Sending it the old mattress and boxsprings to a recycling center prevents the mattress from ending up in a landfill. The recycling centers can refurbish mattresses that are in still good condition. The refurbished mattresses are sent to thrift stores and retailers. Mattresses that aren’t in great shape are broken down into parts, and the parts are used to create new products.
The products aren’t biodegradable and won’t break down naturally in a landfill, and the mattresses are often incinerated. Incineration increases risks to the environment including the release of greenhouse gases. Recycling the mattresses eliminates the risk to the environment, and useful products get reused.

Homeowners need to get rid of their old mattresses when they buy a new one. Some retailers dispose of the old mattresses for the homeowners. When they don’t, the homeowners have a few alternative options. Thrift stores accept old mattresses and sell the products if they are in great shape. Homeowners can also sell their old mattresses on apps for their smartphones. Reviewing options for disposing of the mattresses helps property owners get rid of old mattresses quickly.

Article Contributed by : Tom Brett