Turning a New Page: Never Forget These 4 Core Principles When Moving to a New House

Moving to a new residence is always exciting. However, numerous tasks must be carried out as part of this process. When the time comes to relocate, keep these four core principles in mind so your new home is what you dreamed of when you secured it.

Protect Your Belongings

Belongings must be protected when they are moved from one location to another. Certain items should only be moved by the owner for this reason. For example, family photos from generations past might be hand-carried by the owner to the new location to ensure they aren’t lost or damaged in any way, and the same is true of jewelry that has been passed down through the generations. Men and women could choose to put these items directly in their vehicles to ensure they remain safe, but a cartop carrier might be needed if numerous items are to be transported. Rather than going with a traditional carrier, consider Roofnest. This carrier transforms into a tent when needed, making it the perfect choice for families who want to get away but need something that serves more than one purpose.

Obtain Insurance

Insurance should be obtained before the family moves to their new residence. This is true whether a new home is being purchased or the family will be renting for a period of time. The homeowner’s or renter’s insurance is designed to protect the owner of the residence and its occupants from things that could go wrong. A lack of insurance during a move could leave one or more parties exposed to high expenses that were not anticipated at this time and could have a negative impact on the whole moving experience. By purchasing insurance before the move takes place, this can be avoided.

Conduct a Safety Check

Safety Check

Make certain all parts of the home are safe before taking possession. This isn’t difficult to do but will take time. Make sure to reserve this time before going forward. For example, change the batteries in the smoke detectors to ensure they will be working if needed. Clean the dryer vent and change the air filters in the home. These small tasks aren’t difficult to carry out but are often neglected by residents. Don’t make this mistake, as you want the home to be perfect in every way when you move in.

Deep Clean the Residence

An owner should thoroughly clean the home before turning it over to someone new. However, many choose not to take this step, leaving it up to the new occupants to handle the cleaning process. As you move through the home, you may find that carpets need to be stretched as the previous owners dragged furnishings across them when removing the furniture from the home. Toilet seats should be changed at this time, and the kitchen ought to be disinfected. If finding the time for these tasks seems impossible, hire a company that specializes in empty residences. Be sure they understand exactly what you wish to have done it this time so the house meets your standards when you do move in.

These are only some of the many tasks that will need to be completed when you move to a new residence. Numerous others must also be handled at this time. Try to share the burden of these tasks with loved ones. Those who do so find the move become less stressful and they are better able to enjoy the new accommodations when they get into the residence. That’s the most important thing at this time.

Article Contributed by : Tom Brett