Wrought Iron Gate

Intricate designs for small wrought iron garden gate

Wrought iron gates are tough and resilient and last for a lifetime as long as it has been rust proofed before painting them. The gates have different sizes and shapes that could fit the design that it is going to be used. It also comes with intricate designs that could add to the image of the garden where it will be placed or as a gate to protect the privacy of the house owners. Heavy duty locks have been designed on it for added protection and has always been the popular choice for gate designs. Here are some intricately designed small wrought iron garden gates that will interest you to have one installed.

  1.  Wrought Iron Garden Gate

wonderful design

The wonderful design that was made to this small black wrought iron garden gate made it look fantastic against the backdrop of a lush garden. The stone slabs used for steps leading up to it add to the image.

2.  Garden Entrance

Garden and Lawn

The gray colored wrought iron gate has a beautiful design that fits right to this wonderful garden entrance. The opening of the gates could make you think you are going to an adventure.

 3.  Plain Black Wrought Iron Gate

 Wrought Iron Gate

image source: landscapenswact

The plain black wrought iron gates used on the entrance of this house does not only look fantastic against the white columns and house but acts like a sentinel against trespassers.

4. Blue gray wrought iron gate

wrought iron gate

This blue gray wrought iron gate used two designs. The intricate design on top and the plain one below makes this a gorgeous gate to use in the entrance of the garden.

 5. Wrought Iron Gate Design

wrought iron gate

The blue black wrought iron gate looks beautiful against the brick and green colored flat tiles used on the steps. The gate comes with a heavy duty lock mechanism that gives protection to the homeowners.

6.Wrought Iron garden gates

garden gates

This beautifully designed black wrought Iron Gate makes a wonderful contrast to the red brick walls and floor. This gate protects entry to the basement area that has a separate entrance from the house.

  1.  latticework design

wrought iron gate

The latticework design done in the middle part of this wrought iron gate made it look lovely. The brown color that was used on this gate perfectly matched the light brown stonewalled fence.

 8. White Wrought Iron Gate

wrought iron gate

image source: marylizcampbell

The white colored intricately designed wrought iron gate matches perfectly with the white lattice design of the wooden posts it was attached to. It also brings to sharp focus the green color of the plants and the pink flowers.

 9. Arched garden gate Design

wrought iron gate

The black colored wrought iron gate placed below an arc made of stone tiles and the stonewalled fence makes it look like an entrance to a mysterious castle beyond the gate.

10. Spike Designs

Wrought iron garden gate

This strong looking heavy duty wrought iron gate looks like a guard that watches over the gate faithfully. The plain design below the spike designs on top could give us an idea that this is a gate that has back to back walls.

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