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Awning are a rooflike shelter made out of canvas,plastic or other materials. Awning can be over the windows ,door or over the deck to keep the sun or rain off the area that protected with Awning. They can look decorative for the outdoor and they come in different styles.  Some are made out of glass, some are striped canvas or plastic materials or they can be made out of wood.

The pictures below show some awning ideas that maybe helpful to you if you are planning on putting a patio,window,balcony or deck cover.

1. Awning On Modern Decking Area

modern decking

Image source: tollotandc

Simple white Awnings over a long modern decking with green plants. The mixture of the awnings and white curtains on the sides creates a perfect outdoor shelter . The decking she uses modern gray cushions with head supports for laying down while relaxing in the beautiful warm weather.

2. Awnings On Double Glass Doors

patio awnings

image source: Chad Robert

Patio Awnings used on the two double glass doors. The awnings provide roofing over the glass doors so that the strong sunshine and rain does not coming straight on the doors and into the house.  The red awnings color and the blue chairs look good on this concrete decking.

3. Striped awning

Striped awning

Image source: Recaptured Charm

Striped awning over Bistro Style kitchen with comfy concrete seats with red cushions.

4. Frosted Glass Awning

 wall sconces and glass awaning

Image source: diamondhomesinc

Frosted Glass awning with two wall sconces attached on both sides of the door.  The black metals the frosted glass awning and the black metal around the wall sconces  look good with a blue door.

5. Patio Awnings

awning on porch

Image source: Sara Hopkins

The two striped awnings around the balcony look decorative and you can tell that they help keep the sun and rain from coming straight into the balcony.

6. Simple Canvas above Double window  And Door

patio awning ideas

image source: Hardy Group Builders

The simple spacious out door kitchen and sitting area is sheltered by a simple piece of canvas on top acting as simple roofing.   The outdoor space looks perfect for summer time.

7. Awning Above Glass windows And Wooden Deck

awning garden

Image source: Mohler + Ghillino

Lovely out garden with decking and outdoor dining table perfect for family time. The wooden deck closer to the glass doors and windows could be used as siting area. The awning above the double door and window makes the deck space look useful.

8. Outdoor dining space with Awning

outdoor dining

image source: strobeldesignbuild

This outdoor dining space features  nice polished decking with plants around it. The awning above the small table and the chairs on the deck shields the people from the sun while relaxing comfortably.

9. Wicker Patio Cover

awning ideas

image source: Malcolm Davis

The wicker patio cover shelters the glass windows from the sun and is good match with the outdoor wicker chairs and dining table set.

10. Striped Black Awning

Door Awning

Image source: Bradley Heppner

Yellow awning idea look great above this black french door and black furniture on this patio area.

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