white fence

Decorative Victorian picket fence

Picket fences especially the white colored ones are sentimental designs that everyone is familiar with. It represents a happy ever after ending for a romantic affair when two people get married and have a house with a white picket fence. It represents a typical design for a home that comes complete with a white picket fence. The Victorian designed picket fence though is more grand than the usual designs but they are still picket fences. They may be colored white or just plain polished wood but they will make a statement wherever they will be built. They are decorative not with embellishments but in the design of the fence itself. Here are some Victorian picket fence designs that you may love to use in your own homes.

  1.   Spiked Picket Fence

white fence

source: britainfence

This white closely spaced spiked picket fence looks strong and beautiful. The spiked ends are so decorative it will stand out everywhere you built it in. The ornate design of the hinges and lock is lovely.

2.  Flat Wood Panels

Flat Wood Panels

source: britainfence

The white lovely designs of the columns in this flat wood panels closely spaced fence will be a wonderful décor for the garden and protection as well. The double horizontal rails placed on this fence make it strong and durable.

  1. Spiked Fence

farm house fence

source: britainfence

The uneven height of this spiked fence looks marvelous. Evenly spaced, they are a beautiful accent to the exterior and the use of large black hinges and latch are a wonderful contrast.

4. White Fence with Black Hinges

white fence

The long spikes interspersed with shorter spikes are a lovely design. The curvy design done on the gates look fabulous. The columns also added to the image and the black hinges and latch are lovely contrasts.

  1.  Stylish White Fence

stylish fence with flowers

This white fence with its curvy design looks like a long lace strip was set up in the garden. The garden got a boost in image because of this fence design.

6. Gabled House Fence

Gabled House Fence

The even lines of the widely spaced white colored picket fence serve as the perfect entrance to this gabled house. The arbor at the entrance is a nice accent.

 7.  Garden And Fence

garden and fence

The spiked ends of this closely spaced white picket fence looks wonderful with the arbor that was placed in the main entrance. The small terrace at the sides had a matching design as that of the fence and gave a fantastic picture of the garden and house.

 8.  Shake Siding House with Fence

simple fenced house

The picket fence that was built on top of the stone walls made a wonderful contrast that made the garden look fabulous. The gate with covered lower half is a great design as well.

9. Beach Style Landscape


The widely spaced spikes used on this picket fence look lovely but the curved design done on the gates is beautiful. The black hinges and latch make a wonderful contrast to the white color of the picket fence.

10.  Rustic wood Fence

wooden fence

The light grey color of the heavy wood used in the posts of this spiked picket fence looks amazing. The grey color diverts from the usual white color but represents the color used during the Victorian era.

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