10 Scandinavian balcony and Patio Design

There are so many things that can be done to innovate a balcony or patio and Scandinavian balcony and Patio is one of the best. This is usually an area where one wants to spend their leisure time. It only seems fitting to give it a soothing or relaxing ambiance, an area where you would want to spend time.

Aside from having a great view and a serene environment, this small balcony is a keeper – it’s simple, clean and classy. Feeling that you are in clouds and having the view of all landmarks. We are sure that you can always go to the local home depot and check out the living room furniture area for stuff you can actually use for the balcony. Having a remarkable balcony gives you a right spot for breathing fresh air specially if your balcony is in the right lane for air and right position together with nice angles. We have different ideal balcony but one thing we need to bear in mind is our comfort ability.

Take a look below and be inspired.

1. Linnéstaden

1 Scandinavian balcony and Patio Linnéstaden

Using plants can make a small balcony look much bigger than it is and at the same time add colour to it. Using thin tables and chairs are necessary in these cases as they do not take up much space and look very stylish.

2. Dockan – Västra

2 Scandinavian balcony and Patio Dockan - Västra

One way to make use of patios is by placing lounge chairs where one can rest or spend leisure time. It is a great place to relax. The use of pink (bright colours) enlivens the area and helps grab attention. The pants too add a splash of colour.

3. Dockan

3 Scandinavian balcony and Patio Dockan

The use of the low chairs and lanterns gives the entire balcony a very Zen look. It is perfect for spending some alone time or even spending an evening with a friend or significant other. The lamps help create a soothing and romantic ambience which anyone would enjoy.

4. Inom Vallgraven

4 Scandinavian balcony and Patio Inom Vallgraven

One can give a very uxorious look to the balcony by making use of arm chairs and big fluffy cushions. A shaggy blanket can be thrown over the sofa to enhance the look. One can also employ the use of a glass coffee table and use small potted plants to make it feel more homely.

5. Gamla Viken

5 Scandinavian balcony and Patio Gamla Viken

It may seem small balconies are hard to decorate but one can use simple furniture to make it look better. In a small balcony like this one chair is more than enough. Add a lamp and it’s perfect for spending some alone time.

6. City Norrmalm

6 Scandinavian balcony and Patio City Norrmalm

It is an improvisation of a simple look. Making the floor a bright colour and having plants around along with the lamps gives the balcony a very unique ambience. This is a perfect place to have a morning cup of coffee or listen to music.

7. Tott hotel Visby

7 Scandinavian balcony and Patio Tott hotel Visby

This is where minimalistic meets innovation. Simple white furniture is used to keep the space look simple yet classy. The colourful cushions are meant to add that extra something that will draw the attention of people. Simple things too can stand out. The small potted plants enhance the look.

8. Stackgrönnan

8 Scandinavian balcony and Patio Stackgrönnan

When there is a lot of space, a lot can be done too. It is a great idea to have a dining table outside along with a barbeque. It is the perfect space for entertaining guests or just having a change in the daily monotonous routine.

9. Kämpinge

9 Scandinavian balcony and Patio Kämpinge

Give the patio an outdoorsy or beach look by hanging curtains on the edge of the patio and filling the lawn area with sand and pebbles. This kind of spaces acts as a retreat from the monotony of everyday life. However, plants should be used to give the area a little colour.

10. Brantevik 25 m från

10 Scandinavian balcony and Patio Brantevik 25 m från

It is sometimes refreshing to have your meals outside in the open air with a clear view of the beach. It is a sight for sore eyes and can help one unwind from a busy day. One can use simple wooden furniture and this is a great place to have family meals.

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