malibu outdoor kitchen design

10 Inspirational Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor kitchens are usually comprised of a range, grill, drawers and refrigerator in one. These are the essentials of an outdoor kitchen. You will notice that these kitchens most commonly have a complete set of all the aforementioned in just one area. It occupies a small portion of a yard or near the pool but the role it plays for a great outdoor time is certainly immeasurable. So, take a look at our collection of outdoor kitchen designs along with how they did their landscapes to create a better outdoor kitchen.

If you enjoy spending time with your friends and family, in the outdoors, fixing up your favourite meal, then an outdoor kitchen is a perfect add-on to your home. If you have some extra space in your patio or backyard, it might be a great idea to turn it into an outdoor kitchen. There are lots of designs of outdoor kitchens available for your home, which will match different other elements of the home. Read on for further insight on how you can do up an outdoor kitchen.

malibu outdoor kitchen design

image source: Viking range

This outdoor kitchen consists of two electric stoves on both side of a grill, which sits right on top of an over. The design is quite compact and sleek and can easily sit in your backyard. Designed in white and a glossy steel finish, this outdoor kitchen setup is a must have.

white brick outdoor kitchen

image source: Viking range

With a rustic look to it this kitchen decor comes in pieces and is installed within a wall part by part. This includes an elaborate grill, a mini refrigerator, an over and a deep frier. The kitchen set has a glossy steel finish to it.

silver white outdoor kitchen against the white wall

image source: Viking range

Quite compact, this outdoor kitchen decor is apt for a small space. It includes a mini refrigerator, two stoves, an oven, and a sink to finish it off. The setup has quite a number of drawers to store items, which in turn end sup saving a lot of space. It has glossy metal finish.

outdoor kitchen design

This grand outdoor kitchen oozes out traditional charm at its best. Set out on a rock wall backdrop, this kitchen setup includes a grill, a deep frier, a mini refrigerator, and multiple storage drawers. Cook away in this magnificent setting beside a roaring fire place.

semi round outdoor kitchen

Simple yet classic, this decor includes minimalistic elements installed in a stone counter. It includes an electric grill, a mini refrigerator, an oven and a drawer to store the utilities. Perfect for fixing up barbeques on a warm summer day, this set up is a great pick for your home.

outdoor kitchen with swimming pool

This setup is in a semi lunar shape and adds a lot of classiness to your home outdoors. It includes a grill with a cover, a stove, a mini freezer, a kitchen sink, a lots of extra storage space for your utilities. This clean and magnificent outdoor kitchen option is apt if you have a lot of outdoor space.

stylish outdoor kitchen design

This decor is minimalistic and includes basic elements of an outdoor kitchen, including a stove, a grill, a mini fridge and a single storage drawer. Set beside a pool, this decor is perfect for spending time outside in your kitchen.

outdoor kitchen with living area

With a grill, a mini stove and a mini freezer this set up is nice and compact. Set within an outdoor room setup, this decor is be accommodated in a small space.

outdoor vitange style kitchen

This outdoor kitchen has a nice Italian look to it, installed on natural stone. It includes a barbeque grill, a kitchen sink, and a mini freezer.

modern outdoor kitchen

A modern kitchen at its best, this decor in white and steel includes a grill, a stove, a mini freezer, a deep frier, and a lot fo ancillary storage space.

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