Outdoor Stone Fireplace

10 Great functional Outdoor Stone Fireplaces

How does the idea of curling up beside a fireplace with your favourite book or a cup of cocoa sound to you? Devine, isn’t it? And when the entire setup shifts right outdoor, nothing gets better than that. If you are planning to set up an outdoor fireplace in your home, the following designs are a great pick for you. Just install it in your home outdoors and instantly turn it into just the perfect hangout spot. Read on for further insight on the design.

Today we are showing you some beautiful outdoor stone fireplaces that could change the way your outdoor garden area looks. You will be amazed how these fireplaces enhanced the look of a garden and how it played a vital role in landscaping. It is even more impressive to know that it is not only used for classic or traditional designs but even for modern and contemporary ones. Check out the collection below:

Outdoor Stone Fireplace

Image source: paradiserestored

This fireplace is featured in natural stone to give it a nice rustic feel. The mantle has a nice polished look, which can be great for doing up according to your taste. It has a glass cover door, and is quite compact. Let it roar on with glory, as you curl up on your hammock.

beautiful outdoor stone fireplace

Image source: paradiserestored

A tad bit different from traditional fireplaces, this outdoor fireplace is great to sit around with your friends and family. It is made out natural stone, with burning coal in its belly. The bordered are made of granite.


Image source: paradiserestored

Part of the entertainment wall itself, this fireplace is gorgeous. Set in a natural stone wall with a glass cover, it sits perfectly within an outdoor living room setup. Adding to the rustic feel is the natural wood variant.

outdoor stone fire place with dining room set

This fireplace is all about grandeur at its very best. The fireplace is made of natural stone and features 3 steps. On the side it has space to store your firewood which are later used to light up a fire.

dining with outdoor stone fireplace

In a rounded shape, this small outdoor fireplace is good for a compact setting. It is made out of natural stones, uses coal, and can be quite easily cleaned as well.

outdoor area with stone fire place

image source: pradiserestored

An integral part of this outdoor decor, this fireplace is quite magnificent. It is made of natural stones. With a roaring coal fire in its belly, the fireplace also has spaces on its side for doing it up in a tasteful manner. Here large vases and candles have been used to do it up.

unique outdoor fire place design

Image source: paradiserestored

This natural stone fireplace is a great pick for your home outdoors. It is quite large and can accommodate the television on top as well. Wood is used to light up the fire in a semi lunar cubicle. Stabs of stone has been put together to create this grand look.

outdoor fireplace with bed on side

Image source: paradiserestored

This fireplace is round in shape, and lights up a wood fire in its belly. It is made of natural stone slabs, and is a perfect setup where you can gather up with your friends all around it, to get the feel of a bon fire.

outdoor area with stone fireplace

This fireplace has quite a traditional look to itself, made of natural stone with an elongated chimney on top on the mantle. It has step like structures on both side, great to decorate it for added appeal.


Comfortable grandeur is what this fireplace reflects. It’s made out of natural stone with a three step structure. The fire lights up within a semi lunar cubicle.

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