10 Custom outdoor kitchen Designs

Custom outdoor kitchen designs are custom made which adds an ethereal touch to the entire place. Tiles and cabinet system are paid special attention to. Garden area comes to life if it is set in the outdoor. Raw touch to royal touch it can encapsulate all within its manifold. Big and broad designs to petite work on the cabinets all are infused in it. You can add wooden furnishing to metallic objects. Fireplace is another element that can be included in the outdoor kitchen design. Different kinds of light can be put on the support that is provided by the wood around the outdoor kitchen. Here are some of the designs:-

1.   Outdoor Kitchen With Wooden Cabinets

Outdoor kitchen design

Light wood coloured cabinets all over the place with green leaves falling on the shelves makes up for a garden terrace look. There is a metallic stove placed in between the structures and wooden panel is kept on the top so that nothing falls on the table top.

2.   Ceiling Is Fully  Protected By The Wooden Panels

Ceiling is fully protected by the wooden panels over the top

The ceiling is fully protected by the wooden panels over the top. Granite table tops acts as mosaic framework all over the place. Small fan is put and there is no door of the kitchen as it is open whereby you can hang around inside and outside.

3.   Open Kitchen Area

Blocks of off white colour stones are layered

Blocks of off white colour stones are layered and acts as the table top as well as the shelf of the open kitchen area. Lavender bushes are kept on the top and metallic stove in between the stoned table top.

4.   Metallic Stove Adds Lustre To The Kitchen

the ceiling protects the outside kitchen

Granite table top nestles in one open corner but the ceiling protects the outside kitchen and there are stone pillars around. Metallic stove adds lustre to the kitchen. Small patch of grassy land is there outside the kitchen where you can wander off.

5.   Stoned Structure In The Open Is Built

Beautiful garden add to the beauty of the outdoor kitchen

Stoned structure in the open is built on which a metallic stove is put. There are bushes all over the place along with a beautiful garden to add to the beauty of the outdoor of the kitchen.

6.  Outside Kitchen With Rustic Appeal

0utside kitchen design

Very rustic appeal is added to the outside kitchen which looks like a shed. Bottles of wine are placed on the shelf and metallic cabinets are put with handles amidst the wooden structures.

7.   Granite Table Top Has A Lustre Attached To It

Outdoor kitchen with granite table top

Granite table top has a lustre attached to it and outside big trees are put so that greenery is filled all over the place. There are small lights attached to the wooden panels around the corner.

8.   Black Wooden Panels Act As The Ceiling

Kitchen area with small metallic oven

Black wooden panels act as the ceiling layer like structure of rods are placed in the kitchen area. Small metallic oven is placed on the top of the shelf that makes the place look radiant and amass of blue waters of the ocean are seen from the inside.

9.   Perfect Outside Kitchen

Beautiful garden set kitchen area with polished marble

Beautiful garden set kitchen area with polished marble, colourful potted plants and rich wooden furnishings are all that is required in the perfect outside kitchen.

10.   Metallic Dining Set Is The Real Beauty Of The Place

Kitchen area with metallic dining set

Metallic dining set is the real beauty of the place and is perfect setting for a morning breakfast with the rays of the sun falling inside.

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