Transitional home office design

Stylish and Inspiring Space Saving Home Office Designs

Work at home seems to be the trend and more people have done away with going to offices to work. Companies even hire people to work at their homes. To make work at home conducive a space has to be created to house desktops, laptops and files. Gone were the days when all one needs is a desk, table, or horrors, boxes to put files in if a filing cabinet is not available. Home offices need to be inspiring and stylish at the same time as this will now serve as exactly that, an office. Here are some suggestions on how to set up your very own home office.

1.   Transitional Home Office

Transitional home office design

Facing a window is a great idea. Natural lighting is provided and creative juices get working when gazing out at the window. Shelves built at the side for files and documents saves space but do not do away with beauty.

2.   Contemporary Home Office Design

Contemporary home office for two people

This is a great idea for two people working at home. Two long tables adjacent to each other with shelves built into the walls. Since it is L shaped, it saves space and chairs could be tucked under the table when work is done.

3.   Bedroom With An Office

wonderful home office

Bedrooms are wonderful for home office. As shown, a long thick board was placed under the existing shelves to serve as office table. Documents and files could be stored to the cabinet built under the table.

4.   Modern Home Office

Modern home office design

Condos have limited space and putting a home office needs to be planned. As shown, the huge glass windows were used to an advantage by having a table placed in front of it. Shelves built at the side could hold books, files and documents. Natural lighting coming from the glass windows provide natural lighting.

5.   Living Room With Home Office

Home office design

Entryway to the living room of the house is another innovative idea for a home office. Here the office was placed beside the door and a long board used to serve as table. The table faced a window for natural lighting and cabinets placed under the table. Chairs could be tucked under the table saving space.

6.   Home Office Under Stairs

Space saving home office design

Placing the home office under the stairs not only saves space, it looks lovely. Shelves could be placed on the walls and table should not exceed stair size.


7.   Eclectic Home Office

Wonderful home office design

Living rooms could also be a wonderful place to have a home office. As shown, table was placed facing the window and shelves built at the sides. Natural lighting was given to the office by the window.


8.   Space Saving Home Office

Dining area is adjacent to the office

A space saving idea is to have the home office placed under the stairs. Picture here shows an office under the stairs that took advantage of a window. Shelves were built under the table. Dining area is adjacent to the office and space was maximized but pleasing to the eye.


9.   White And Grey Home Office

White and grey home office design

A house corner is an inspiring idea for a home office. The table needs to be contoured to fit the corner and shelves built to the side.


10.   Awesome Home Office

Awesome home office design

As shown, this awesome home office was built under the cornerstone of the house. Table was fitted to the cornerstone. Natural lighting was provided by the glass doors.

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