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10 Modern Home office Sleek Desks

Why do you need an office in your modern home? The number of people choosing to work from home is on the rise. Advances in technology and communication have made even companies consider allowing their employees to work from home. A study made by Nicholas Bloom and James Liang has revealed that working from home increases productivity. Why? Because employees are happier working in their own medium, without their boss constantly looking over their shoulder. This also saves the company money and makes the employees less likely to quit the job.

A home office is not only for the persons working from home. It’s a place you can keep all your documents, a corner of silence and privacy, that will allow you to work in peace. It can also be a space with no distractions, suited for a child or a teenager. Either you use it for reading, study or work, a home office with a modern, sleek desk is a necessity. We gathered some modern desks for you home office for you to check out. We hope they will inspire you to create, or upgrade your home office.

1. Home office

Home office

When you study or work you need to be able to concentrate and focus. A home office allows you to keep your things organized, so you won’t need to interrupt your work to look for some files or documents. Having your own desk has an influence on your psychologically. You instantly associate it with work. No procrastination for you.

2. Sleek Wooden Desk

Sleek Wooden Desk

Keep everything organized in your small home office by making sure you have plenty of storage. If you dig the drawerless look of this modern wooden desk, then make sure to introduce shelves, or other means of storage, in your working area.

3. Wood and Metal Desk

wood and metal

The combination of wood and metal is quite appealing. The contrast between the warm color or the former and the coldness of the latter, turns this desk into a modern, sleek delight.

4. Walnut Office Desk

Walnut Office Desk

Just imagine yourself working at this modern desk. It looks so comfortable and inviting. It may be enough to start your appetite for work.

5. L-shaped modern desk

modern desk

Check our this corner office. It’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It offer plenty of storage possibilities, for you to have everything in handy.

6. Sleek Black Desk

Sleek Black Desk

A sleek black desk to add a touch of sophistication and class to your décor. Hopefully, its inviting design will be enough to convince you to stop procrastinating and start working.

7. Marble Top Office Desk

marble office desk

Nothing speaks luxury as well as marble. This marble top desk beautifully blends in. In a room dominated by neutrals, it manages to stand out, claiming the spot as focal point of the office.

8. Simple Office Desk

Simple Office Desk

This modern office desk is simple, yet sophisticated. It beautifully blends in the room’s design, letting the landscape take over it. Its reflective top “steals” some of the foliage’s colors, bringing them inside.

9. Minimalist Office Desk

Minimalist Office Desk

A designer or architect’s home office should instigate to creativity. This modern minimalist desk complements the room’s design, letting the bright colors steal the spotlight.

10. Sleek Office Desk

brown home office design

Whatever your profession might be, your home office should inspire you. The most important element of the office is the desk, along with its chair. Choose one that is comfortable and gives you pleasure to work at. This is the best advice one can give you regarding the selection of an office desk.
Do you work from home? Do you have an office of your own? Describe, in the commentary box below, the look of your home office.

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