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Functional custom office furniture

Working at home is one of the benefits of modern technology. Lucky is the person who has this kind of job that is not tied up to a clock. This has in turn given way to designs for the home office where we can place our computer and files. Furniture manufacturers and designers have come up with clever ideas and designs that have made the home office look fantastic. The furniture that has been designed are attention getters yet functional and sturdy to serve the purpose of being comfortable while working and to last for a long time as well. Here are some custom office furniture designs that are practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing to look at as well.

1. Mobile CPU Holder

Mobile CPU Holder

image source: smart furniture

This is a CPU holder that is mobile at the same time because of the wheels built on it. It allows you to bring your CPU in any room without damaging it as both sides have foam pads. It also saves you the inconvenience of having to go below the table to attach cables.

2. Corner Desk Office Desk

office desk

image source: walmart

This computer desk is a complete home office that can be placed in a corner of the house. It comes with open shelves and a drawer that offers ample storage space.

 3.  Ample storage space

 built in storage

This white compact home office has ample storage space that would be very convenient for work documents and files. A small closed shelf on the side of the table can house the CPU. Open shelves top are compartmentalized for easy storage.

4. White Swivel Office Chair

Office Chair

Image source:  bisonoffice

This white swivel chair does not only look pretty it can also give good support for your back. It has a lever that can adjust the height of the chair and the black pads at the base stops feet from slipping. This will look fancy in a home office or any office.

 5.  White Printer Stand

office cabinet

image source:cymax

This white printer stand will be a great addition to any home office or office. Open shelves at the base can hold files and closed cabinet is another storage space. It is highly mobile as legs have wheels.

 6. Computer Desk with Hutch in Slate

office desk with hutches

image source: cymax

This is a compact home office that can fit into any corner of the house. This is ideal to use in homes with limited space. It has shelves on top for space storage and ample leg room below the table.

 7.  Adjustable Laptop Office Cart

cart laptop office stand

This is a mobile laptop table that you can bring anywhere. It comes with an adjustable height for convenience. Its modern design will look fantastic in any room.

 8.  LexMod Lift Mesh Ergonomic Executive Chair

 Executive Chair

Too much sitting could produce backache and this chair might be the answer. Its high back supports both the shoulder and lower lumbar area and prevents backache. This is great for people who need to sit for a long time doing office work.

 9.  Zuo Modern Unico Office Chair

unique office chair

This modern designed chair will surely be an attention getter whether this will be used in the home office or any office. It gives wonderful support to the whole back that is sure to alleviate existing back pain.

10. Industrial Console Table

console table

image source: what WE make  

This beautiful wood table would be a statement wherever it will be placed in. It is made of reclaimed wood that has a patchwork design and strong metal legs. It could be used for an office table or a table in the hallway.

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