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10 Efficient Desks for Small Spaced Home Office

Efficient Desks for Small Spaced Home Office would be very helpful for your home office demands even if you have small spaces for your desk as long as you show your creativeness. A home office is one area that all workaholics would love to have in their house. An area where you can do some of your work and an area to read, it can also be shared with children as a study area. However, for those who live in a small house, a home office cannot be a big room with lots of bookshelves, instead it might be a desk tucked in one corner. This can be remedied with proper design of an office desk that will be trusted to cater to lots of functions, and practical enough to fit in a small corner. Here is some desk design that might be perfect for your small spaced home office.

  1. Flat Mate Desk

Flat Mate Desk

A nice design for a desk would be a flat desk which can be directly attached to the wall. The desk table would can be tucked or hidden away if it is not used. This would entail you to have a flat screen computer as it can be attached to the wall which would not be hindrance when you have to tuck your table top.

  1. Green Multifunctional Old Cabinet Desk

Green Multifunctional Old Cabinet Desk

Another desk design in which the desk table can be hidden is those that would look like shelves for books and other work related stuff. The desk table can be retractable or tucked away. This would entail the use of a laptop computer instead of a desktop home computer.

  1. Retractable Desk Table

Retractable Desk Table

If you have old cabinets and wardrobes hanging around your basement, you can put it to good use by converting it to an office desk. Add planks to the inside of your old wardrobe to serve as shelves and desk table. You can keep the doors as it is a good way to disguise this office desk making it look like a decorative. Also keeping the doors would protect your files in storage as well as your desktop computer.

  1. White Folding Door Desk

White Folding Door Desk

Or if you have a built in closet in your house that you don’t use anymore, it is best to turn it into your home office. Closets are naturally spacious so when you convert it to a home office, you can be sure that there will be enough space and shelving units to accommodate all your home office stuff.

  1. Folding Cube Turn Into Desk

Folding Cube Turn Into Desk

Desks disguised as other furniture pieces seem like the in thing nowadays. Take for example a cube which can serve as a coffee table in your living room can serve the function of an office desk. The top of the cube can be retracted and there you can put your laptop computer. The inside of the cube can house your printer or books. This is practical as this design doesn’t take up too much space and you can work from your living room.

  1. Ultra Modern Computer Desk with Wall Mounted Style

Ultra Modern Computer Desk with Wall Mounted Style

If your home office is purely for internet research you can have a desk that’s small enough to fit your computer and some papers. This way you don’t take up too much space and don’t need drawers and book shelves. Make it more stylish by matching it with the theme of your house.

  1. Office Floating Desk

Office Floating Desk

Floating desks are also a great design for home office desks. As they don’t take up too much floor space, they are perfect for small spaced houses. Also, floating desks are simple yet practical. You can have spaces under the table top for books and other office related stuff.

  1. Fresh White Desk Hutch

Fresh White Desk Hutch

It can also be a good design if you have shelves separate from your floating desk, for your books and other materials that can’t be accommodated by your desk drawers. Have hanging shelves located higher than your floating desk. Make sure the shelves are big and wide enough for all your book storage needs.

  1. Under Stair Office Desk

Under Stair Office Desk

Another very practical desk design is the under stairs office desk. Spaces under the stairs can be used as your own private home office. Some of the under stairs spaces are large enough to house an office desk with shelving spaces for books.

      10. Under Staircases Interior Design

Under Staircases Interior Design

Some under stairs desks are large enough to accommodate a desktop computer, printer, and a telephone. If there is a big enough space you have desk tables that don’t have drawers, as you can have your other supplies displayed in the table top, like papers and pens. Instead go for wall shelves for all your books.

A home office can be easily pulled off even when there is not enough space in your house for one. Just make sure that you use the right kind of desk for you. A desk that would be very helpful for your home office demands. Also put in mind to have storage spaces for your home office materials.

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