How to Design Your Home Office Using Cool Desks

Are you the one who believes in working in the comfort of your home? Having cool desks will help you feel comfortable. Then, here are some brilliant ideas for you to set up your office just next to your living area. All you need is a bit of imagination and a little guidance when it comes to constructions and designs. Some of us would opt to stay home and work there especially if you are into freelancing and other web related jobs. That is one of the effects of the birth of computer and the internet. But it can also be pinpointed as one of the positive outcomes in this brilliant technology. Since there are people who choose to work at home, having a home office or a working area became a must for them. This would certainly be an addition to your children’s study area. So, while the kids are studying, you are also working at home.

Even if you are not working at home, at least if we have something to take note or write down, we have smooth or anything we can use. Feel free to tour below for some suggestion on how to make cool office desks.


If you like a classy looking simple office with simple furniture, this is the design for you. The desk has a simple design and has multiple drawers for all your important documents and files. The chair is also a comfortable one with a good back support.


This room is like a library turned into an office. The small desk and chair gives you the working space. There is a designer lamp shade. The phone receiver can also be kept on the table. The rest of the room is painted in very interesting stripes of black and white. The other walls are all with shelves to store books- ideal for people who need to refer to a lot of books on a regular basis.


This room again has a very classic look – with a simple desk and chair, both made of solid wood. The backrest of the chair is designed like a recliner. There are multiple photo frames decorating the walls- the frames have the same shade of brown as the desk.


This office can even be set up at one corner of your bed room or study. The desk has a minimal design and there is a movable drawer at one side. The chair is in the design of a rocking chair to give you extra comfort. The printer scanner can also be set up on the desk.



This small office is set up right in your living room. The small desk and chair do not take up much space. You have some shelves on your desk to store important documents and paper work. A small couch is kept at the other end of the room so that you can meet guests in your office itself. There are beautiful paintings on the walls.



This office space is very airy and is well lit due to the huge window right in front of your desk. The desk has a very simple design and is just right to keep your computer. The chair is very comfortable and is almost like a sofa.



If you like minimalistic design, it just cannot get better than this. The arrangement is just a wooden desk and a small stool- both done in solid word of one shade. The desk itself has some storage space and you slide the top part.


This office has a very modern look and feel to it. One single piece of furniture will basically serve as a desk, drawers, book shelf and storage unit.



This office is big and has all modern settings. The desk and multiple sitting arrangements will allow you to meet clients at your office. Beautiful paintings are set up on the wall and shelves.


This office has two small desks. On one, you can keep your computer or type writer. The other one can be used to keep decorative lamp shades or flower arrangements.










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