An eathern round mould art decorating idea

Art Deco Inspired Clean Office spaces with cabinets and Neutral Furniture At Museum Tower, Tel Aviv

 Office space is essential to make the office look big and not much of accessorising is done to the office to restore its natural charm. If the office is inspired by art it gives a creative effect. Furniture is an amalgamation of different styles giving it a look of museum. Cabinets are useful in office so that lot of things are stacked inside. Fresh feel to the office is rarely found but when it is infused with soft colours and subtle furniture, it makes the most of the enhanced version. The highlight of the office is rare pieces of modern art fused into the office. More than an art office it is a designer’s den. Here are some of the ideas of clean office spaces:-

 Antique Golden Horse Is Placed On The Glass Table


Sitting area with two art decor human pictures on the wall

On a white wall a white board is placed and two white pictures of nude man and woman with a military cap are shown. An antique golden horse is placed on the glass table beside the sofa.

 Clear View Of The Inside Working Table And Chairs

 All white table and rotating chairs make it a porcelain room

A clear view of the inside working table and chairs is seen from the glass door. All white table and rotating chairs make it a porcelain room. Three figures are placed in corners. One is a skull; other is an alien and the third akin to a monkey.

Round Small Room With Glass Door And Curtains

A small round room is meant for the chief of the office to sit at

A round small room with glass door and curtains looks like it is meant for the chief of the office to sit at. Transparent chairs with green colour seat are a pop pick in an otherwise transparent feel.

Vintage Wine And Goblet Glass Is Kept On The Side Table

An office with black chair and working table

Vintage wine and goblet glass is kept on the side table. Glass doors and polished wooden flooring with whit coloured desktops on every seat makes it a professional zone.

Doors Can Be Opened By Sliding It Inwards

All the doors are made up of glasses

Side view shows that a round table of transparent glass is placed and on top also there is a round transparent light fitted in the ceiling. The doors can be opened by sliding it inwards.

6. Conference Room

conference room

The conference room has a big white table with white chairs and some zombie like statues on the desk of the receptionist. There are sliding doors which can be opened and out you can gaze into the azure sky.

7. Bathroom With A Black Door

Bathroom with an art decor creepy creature at the opening of the bathroom door

The door of the bathroom is black and the wall has stones. A creepy creature looks you into the eye at the opening of the bathroom door. Ceiling lights are provided in the bathroom.

8. Open Shell Is Kept In The Corner With A Naked Person Standing


Pearls and black pebbles surround the floor

There is an open shell kept in the corner on the wooden flooring on which a naked person stands in creme colour porcelain and there is a big spider below his stomach overlooking the eyes of the man. Pearls and black pebbles surround the floor.

Neat And Clean Sofa Is Placed In Rectangular Shape


Living room furniture decorating idea

Neat and clean sofa in rectangular shape is placed and it is quite sturdy to sit on. Black box like flooring is spread which gives a velvety feel.

10. Earthen Round Mound Like Structure Hangs On The Wall

An eathern round mould art decorating idea

Samsung desktop on the desk is kept. An earthen round mound like structure hangs on the wall and light comes from it.

11. Sitting Area With The Office On The Other Side

In another room, dark beige coloured sofas of leather materials are placed

In another room, dark beige coloured sofas of leather materials are placed. In the side there is working table and in the center there is a small rectangular wooden table.

12. Big Windows With Glass Sliding Door

Sunlight peeps into the room

Sunlight peeps into the room and makes the colour of the sofa bright. Big windows with glass sliding door are the idea.

13. Living Room With Grey Sofas

Blue color of the sky highlights this room

Another area has grey colour sofas with blue colour of the sky can be seen from the big glass windows.

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