Appealing and Well Styled Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets have always been essential parts of an office. It can even be used at home for safe keeping of important documents and other papers. Those hulking filing cabinets usually made of steel are indispensible in terms of the help it offers in keeping our offices organized. However, the design of filing cabinets has always been the same as I can remember, made of steel and of the gray or green color. So how does one keep a filing cabinet from rusting and make them look modern and up to date? Here are some ideas on how to make trendy filing cabinets, and even new designs of filing cabinets when you need to buy one.

  1.  Vibrant colored wallpapers

decorating filing cabinets

Wrapping your old filing cabinets with wallpapers is easily the cheapest makeover your filing cabinets can get. Wallpapers can give your old filing cabinets a new look without you having to spend too much. Go for bolder colors and patterns to make the filing cabinet modern looking. Also, those with vibrant colored wallpapers make the filing cabinets warm looking and not clinical.

  1.   Wrap your filing cabinets

filing cabinets

Another idea is to wrap your filing cabinets with fabric. This is also cheaper as compared to replacing your filing cabinets. So go for fabrics that are thick and can easily be glued to the steel material of your filing cabinet. Also choose those fabrics with amazing and appealing patterns in them.

  1.   Repaint your filing cabinets

repainting cabinets

It is also a nice idea to repaint your filing cabinets. This help take care of the rust that can gather on the edges due to time. Plus, you can choose whatever color you want and make your filing cabinet look new without really replacing it. You can also label different drawers according to the documents you put in each one. This keeps your filing cabinet organized and easier for you to look for documents.

  1.   Filing Cabinets with sliding doors

sliding door office cabinets

If you choose to buy a new filing cabinet then go for wood materials as they are sturdier and can last longer. Steel materials, in time gather rusts and also there are lots of steel related injuries that prevail. Plus sliding doors to reveal shelves look better than drawers.

  1.  Modern Filing Cabinets

 old steel filing cabinets

You know how those old steel filing cabinets are so heavy and will definitely give you a hard time moving it? Well the solution is a wheeled filing cabinet, which is usually made of wood so it’s not too heavy. Plus go for those wheeled ones that have retractable doors to reveal a partitioned shelf rather than drawers.

  1.   Cabinets Like Lockers

Cabinets Like Lockers

There are also those cabinets that look like lockers. They pretty much have more doors and shelving units than others but are pretty much the same in overall size. However, having more shelves will help if you have to group your documents accordingly.

  1. Recycled materials

Recycled materials

Using recycled materials as your filing cabinet would also be a good idea so you won’t need to buy new stuff. Just tweak your recycled materials to be able to make good use of them. You can use old crates as shelves and have a wooden filing cabinet frame. This way you don’t spend too much money plus the result is a creative and innovative filing cabinet.

8. Wooden boxes

Wooden boxes

Remember those wooden boxes that are commonly used for transporting goods? You can also use those as filing cabinet. However, this one would result to a much smaller file cabinet but would be good for home offices. The box can be tweaked and can have a drawer, and then the top lid can open into a shelf with partitions for folders.

9.  Table Filers

Table Filers

For home offices you don’t usually need those big filing cabinets and shelves so it’s okay to have smaller versions. Also it would be nice to have filers that can be put on table tops so they don’t take up floor space. Here you can be creative and find ways to convert materials into a table filer, like this steel table filer that can fit file folders.

10.   Baskets and boxes

basket filing cabinets

Baskets and boxes can also be used as file storage that can be put on table tops. Use those that have lids to help protect your file folders. To organize your folders have labels on them to easily identify files and documents.

A trendy filing cabinet doesn’t always mean the outer look of your file storage system. It can also mean the inside of it, how you manage to file them in groups and types accordingly. Also to help improve your storage system, also make use of labels and sorting materials. This would make any filing cabinet easily accessible and keep your office whether at home or real workplace looks much better.







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