Fabulous Middle Cabinet Wood Desk

10 Stylish and Cool Desk designs

Stylish and Cool Desk designs depend on your taste and needs, so enjoy the picture below of different desk designs that you would love. Also if you need more inspiration for your office you should check. Desks are one of the most important furniture in a home for its numerous usages. It can be used as a study table, home office table, nightstand, or as a useful thing to have in the hallways for keys and other décor. It is versatile furniture that everyone needs one way or another. In the past, desks can be designed beautifully or not as long as they serve the purpose, it is fine. This does not hold true today when even the humble desk needs to look just right for the design and interior of the room. Here are a few stylish and cool design ideas that can inspire you to have the perfect desk.

1. Side Cabinet Small Desk Design

Side Cabinet Small Desk Design

This small desk was built on the side of a cabinet that has the same color and served the purpose of being a nightstand very well. It also looks fantastic.

2. Unique Shaped Wood Impromptu Desk

Unique Shaped Wood Impromptu Desk

A small unique shaped wood placed on the wall could now act as an impromptu desk to hold décor that could blend right in the interior of any room. This is an inexpensive way of having a stylish and cool desk.

3. Straight Wood Board Desk

Straight Wood Board Desk

Straight wood boards can be mounted on the walls and they make sturdy desks as pictured. They look great as home office desks and the white color blends right in.


4. Fantastic Metal Mounted Desk

Fantastic Metal Mounted Desk

This mounted desk looks fantastic. The tiles on the wall were also used on the top of the desk and the black color of the metal mount below it make it look cool and stylish against the white tiled walls.


5. Ample Storage Wood Cabinet Desk

Ample Storage Wood Cabinet Desk

This wood cabinet looks like a period piece that houses a desk when middle drawer is opened. Ample storage is given by the numerous drawers of this cabinet/desk.

6. Beautiful Period Desk

Beautiful Period Desk

This beautiful period desk makes a great home office table. The desk houses a lot of drawers that are great for keeping files and documents. Its great looks would accent any room.


7. Long Unpainted Wood Desk

Long Unpainted Wood Desk

The long unpainted wood bench is a great idea to use as a study desk. The long length could accommodate lamps, books and whatever is needed to study and it looks great set against the wall.


8. Wide Wood Board Built-in Desk

Wide Wood Board Built-in Desk

A wide wood board placed against the wall with a cabinet built below it is now a fantastic looking desk. The width could hold plenty of office material if used as a home office desk.


9. Fabulous Middle Cabinet Wood Desk

Fabulous Middle Cabinet Wood Desk

This wood home office desk set in the middle of cabinets of the same hue looks fabulous. It is space saving at the same time and chair could be tucked below desk after use. The floating shelves above it give additional storage space for décor or files.

10. White Kitchen Cupboard Desk

White Kitchen Cupboard Desk

This home office desk using the countertop of the kitchen is a fantastic design. It saved space and the convenience of a homemaker having her own office desk right in the kitchen is priceless. The polished wood veneer of the desk blended seamlessly with the white interior.

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