10 Office Sexy Wallpaper Designs

There is something special about the use of a wallpaper in the room, it gives a room a fresh clean smart appearance and warmth.  Wallpapers are a great asset as they decorate the walls and also give a fair idea about the tiling pattern in contrast to it. Wallpaper Designs can be of various shapes, sizes, colours, designs and patterns. Wallpapers usually highlight the area and bring out the best in any place.

Today we thought we take a look at different wallpaper designs for those of you looking to transform your home office or an off at work.  All the wallpaper designs ideas in this collection are faultless and of highest quality.


1. Contemporary Entry With A Back splash Office Wallpaper In The Lobby

Back  splash office wallpaper in the lobby gives royalty to the place. It has small wallpaper behind the wall of the receptionist desk which is not noticeable but definitely an attraction for the eyes.

2. Contemporary Home Office With A Book  shelf Pattern Wallpaper Design


Wallpaper of the books stacked up in the shelf gives the idea of a book shelf but it is an ‘illusion’ to create what is not existing in the area but is gives a faint idea which is taken from the mystical paintings in France museum d’Louvre.

3.  Office With A Black Hologram Design

Black hologram design behind a small ornated Buddha statue is a very modern as well as traditional mythological notion is the idea behind the design of the office.

4.  Home Office With A Grey Filgree Wallpaper Design

Eclectic structure of blue sued and velvet round chair cum sofa in the middle of the place looks ambient combined with a same velvet chair behind the desk. Grey coloured wallpaper with blue patterned design makes the place extremely beautiful.

5. Home Office With A Garden Design Wallpaper Design

Garden design wallpaper with lots of modern owls and trees creating a mystical image behind the desk and chairs and patterned flooring wallpaper is contrast to the dark green colour.

6. Contemporary Home Office With A Black Hologram Wallpaper

Black hologram wallpaper design with white hexagonal rings all over the place and white portrait and black leather sofas acts a Gothic and dark look but is modern in its design.

7. Eclectic Home Office With A Modern Grey And White Floral Wallpaper

Modern grey and white flower print wallpaper with an inverted mirror on the wall combined with grey cabinets and grey flooring, a wooden piano makes the place stylish yet spring feel without the splash of bright colours thrown in.

8. Eclectic Home Office With An Off White Colored Wallpaper 

Off white colored wallpaper with golden ring like structure behind the table and a round rustic gold mirror of the sun style is placed on the wallpaper. Wooden flooring, table and chair look radiant in the office. The design is artistic.

9. Black And White Wallpaper Eclectic Home Office

Trunk shaped wall paper of grey colour gives the feel of autumn season. The wallpaper is placed on a single wall and the rest of the wall has a foldable ladder placed into a shelf like structure with globes and other necessary items kept on them.

10.  Home Office With Silver Rain Like Patterned Wallpaper Design

Silver rain like pattern on the white wallpaper spread in the entire place gives a starry look. Three shelves with white colour are built for keeping desktop, books and other items. Small paintings are also set on the shelves. Wooden flooring acts as a contrast with wooden cupboard of a smaller size and a big size is placed in the office.





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