10 Office Lobby Decorating Ideas

Office lobby is always essential to the inside of the office. It is the charm and the elegance with the overall appearance that matters be it an office. The lobbies can be big or small but the overall effect has to be of substantial look.

The first place guests and customers get to see when they come into a companies offices is a lobby area or the reception area depending on the design of the building. The lobby provides a place for people to sit down while they wait to be seen by a relavant person they are doing business with. It is important that the lobby is well decorated as it says much about the company and its business how they welcome their customers, it’s all about hospitality sometimes.  A well decorated lobby can go a long way in promoting a business.  below is a list of office lobby decorating ideas that will help you decide on how you want your lobby look like.

1. Entry Lobby Decorating
Four sofas of off white colour, light colored tiles, the reception desk area is also made of wooden panel along with back splash wall paper of the granulated type. Three lights hang from the ceiling and there is a stainless steel lift with granite staircase and steel handle.

2. Hall Lobby 

Traditional-Hall-Lobby-Decorating-Idea Four big sofas, a center table, mantel piece, dome shaped light on top hanging from the ceiling and all white colour walls and ceiling gives an elegant look. There is an enclosed space for the receptionist with white paint table. There are two wooden corner shaped show piece which hangs on the mantel piece.

3. Living Room With Office Lobby

Extremely subtle and graceful stylisation to the lobby with foldable white chairs, a low table of square size, zigzag patterned flooring and two gold plaited side panel mirror of the identical size and shape hangs on the two walls. There is also a rectangular low bench of leather material where books are kept.

4. Mid-century Living Room Office Lobby

An inverted arc shaped design of the wall with dirty yellow wall an enlarged grey colour sofa with a table placed and a hearth placed on the floor with the table on top. There is a modern painting on the wall.

5.  Spaces With Office Lobby

Granite wall with current sparkle on it is the highlight of the office lobby with box shaped chairs and two low wooden table placed on the carpet area. The flooring is wooden with luminous white light falling on the floor.

6. Modern Spaces With Office Lobby

Black panels, black colored sofa in circular shape and an arm resting sofa are placed in the entire place. Gothic black design of the floor and of the walls looks artistic yet stylish. Spike shaped light with small bulbs is fitted on top.

7.Modern Living Room With Opulence Office Lobby Decorating Idea
Opulence is the word to describe the office lobby idea with semi circular tangy orange sofa and round sofas placed on the opposite side. In the middle there is a smaller circular area of wooden plank with white table and peach and white flowers placed on the vase.

8.Farmhouse Living Room With Pyramid Shaped Wooden Ceiling Office Lobby Decorating Idea
Pyramid shaped wooden ceiling design and all white colours of the ceiling and walls are the contrasting idea behind the lobby of the house. A mantel piece structure of stones is built and two sofas are placed with a rectangular granite table on which a basket full of flowers is kept.

9.  Contemporary Office Lobby



A contemporary living room with wooden cabinet that has different decors on it. yellow and black chess like sofas are set around a modern center table. The floors has tiles,the roofing and the flowers placed on the corner side of the room seem to add more color to this room.

10.  A Sun Dome Shaped Ceiling

A sun dome shaped ceiling with subtle yellow light, two cherry coloured granite marble walls on the either side and in the middle a round sofa is placed with an Oscar designed trophy set on it. The floor is also embossed with paint and has a round shaped reflecting bright.

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