Modern Minimalist Computer Desks

10 Different Computer Desk to Suit your Needs

Different Computer Desk to Suit your Needs are mostly used for desktop computer or workstations. Computers no matter how portable they become will always need a computer desk to rest. But these desks usually look the same and have the same design and sometimes it a computer desk’s design looks out of place especially if you love to redecorate your rooms. If you want something you unique then feel free to browse on the different picture posted below.

For Macintosh and Apple users’ having a computer desk just like the one below is the best option for you. It allows you to synchronize your computer and your phone in your table to have bigger working area. The whole table transforms into a large monitor where you can manipulate using your fingertips. This high-end design is very useful especially if you have a lot of things to do. And you do not have to worry about your cup of coffee since the screen is water proof and scratch proof.


1. Macintosh and Apple Computer Desk

Macintosh and Apple Computer Desk

If you are looking for something near to the standard structure of a computer desktop but wanted something unique, then you can have the next picture. Its unique design makes allows you to place all other components that you would like to connect to your laptop.

2. Glass Wooden Computer Desk Table

Glass Wooden Computer Desk Table

If you have limited space to allot for your computer desk, then you can have your computer desk mounted on the wall just like in the next picture.

3. Wall Mounted Computer Desk Design

Wall Mounted Computer Desk Design

Another wall mounted design is shown in the next picture, the only difference is this next design allows you to have more space for other materials you need in your room. It’s shelves offers you additional storage for your files, phones, chargers and the like.

4. Artist – Gamer Style Desk

Artist – Gamer Style Desk

If  you are a graphics artist or a gamer and you are used to using two or more monitors at the same time, then the next picture is right for you. The table has wide area at the center to accommodate at least two monitors.

5. Relaxing and Bodily Suitable Computer Table

Relaxing and Bodily Suitable Computer Table

Wanted an ergonomical designer computer desk, then take a look at the next picture. This computer desk allows you to relax and adjust everything based on your body to prevent muscle pains and other related sickness.

6. Hanging Monitor Styled Desk

Hanging Monitor Styled Desk

Another ergonomically designed computer desk is displayed on the next picture but this time, the monitor is hanging and can be adjusted. In this way, you will not worry about having a poor eyesight since you can have it arranged in the best way possible for you.

7. New Lightweight Materials

New Lightweight Materials


If you wanted a desk that serves two purpose then the next picture is for you. The monitor is foldable allowing you to have a working desk when the computer is not in use.

8. Modern Minimalist Computer Desks

Modern Minimalist Computer Desks

The next picture is best used for laptop and for those who wants to work while they are in bed or sofa.

9. Little Computer Desk fro Kids

Little Computer Desk fro Kids

Lastly, don’t every forget your kids. They should also have their own little computer desk to use. This picture shows a slanting structure for the monitor and bigger table for your child to move.

10. Kids School Desk by Guillaume Bouvet

Kids School Desk by Guillaume Bouvet



This set of table or desk is good for your child’s study habit, with unique style and design.


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