10 Cork Board Ideas For Office

Cork boards are in real trend. They are widely used in almost all the places but the ideas for office are unique and they combine the contemporary form with modern architecture. The boards are of bigger size and smaller size with lots of panels and clippings hung on the boards.

You can design your cork board according to what happens in your day to day schedule of things as they can act as a remind of your routine activities. In an office where there is a number of employees a cork board can prove to be a useful thing as you would not have to say one thing all the time by word of mouth. Instead you can let the board do the job for you, all you have to do is write the information on the piece of paper and stick it to the board so everyone read it. Have a look at the 10 Cork Board Ideas For Office  we have for you today.

1.Contemporary Home Office With A Big Cork Board Idea For Office Made Up Of Mosaic
There is a big cork board on one of the walls adjacent to the office table. The cork board is of mosaic design with numerous magazine clippings, calendar, pictures and a round clock with big ‘A’ engraved on the wall. The cork board is of rust colour design.

2.Contemporary Dining Room With Two Dark Green Coloured Cork Board Idea For Office Hanging On The Wall
Contemporary-dining-room-with-two- dark-green-coloured-cork-board-idea-for-office-hanging-on-the-wall
Behind the dining table there is a pale grey colour wall with two dark green coloured boards hanging in a vertical manner. The office is designed in home and looks sophisticated with wall paper behind the sofa.

3.Eclectic Home Office With A Square Small Pebbled Peach Cork Board Idea For Office
Complete desk job office look with white and blue colour all over the place with a square small pebbled peach colour look of the board is placed. Numerous cards and handkerchief hangs from the board. Small photo frames of the identical size is also placed in the inside shelf.

4.Eclectic Home Office With A Big Cork Board Idea For Office
Just above the MAC desktop is a wide wall where all the cuttings of the newspaper hang in a clustered fashion. In a side small wall key can be hung and there are a host of things stacked up in the office.

5.Eclectic Bedroom With A Mosaic Wall Cork Board Idea For Office
A mosaic wall board behind the desktop where handmade pictures are drawn and posted on the board of the wall. The office is small and looks like a child’s study more than anything else.

6. Eclectic Bedroom With A Cork Board Idea For Office
Cork board on the paneled white wall with small size clippings of the magazine hangs behind the table of the desktop. The cork board lies near to the bed. Bedroom office table is the idea behind the room.

7.Contemporary Kid’s Bedroom With Plain Coloured Cork Board Idea For Office


A full pebbled wall behind the bed hangs with a vertical column of plain coloured board hangs. Small pictures are placed on the cork board. The design is also bedroom cum office.

8.Traditional Kitchen With A Velvet Cork Board Idea For Office
A neat white table and cabinet with black iron rod stool and wooden flooring is the highlight of the room. On one of the small cabinet the cork board of velvet is placed with photographs and in the inner cabinet a horizontal panel is placed with pictures on it.

9. Contemporary Home Office With A Thatched Cork Board
Thatched board behind the office table hangs with pictures on it. The office serves as a modern fashion house. Stacks of pearl necklace hang from the card of the thatched wall and there is a laptop.

10. Contemporary Home Office With White Cork Board

A big wall paper behind the sofa with toe pictures of the horse in a frame and on the desktop table a cork board is placed of white colour with lots of pictures stuck on it.

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