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Wallpaper Accent Wall- How to Do it Right

Wallpaper can be used to create an accent wall with character. Wallpaper is a bold choice. It brings two more things into the equation, texture and pattern, which make it harder to work with. Your heart may be set on wallpapering your accent wall. But, does your living room need it?

An feature wall can make or break a space. If you decide to go for it, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. The most common mistake is accentuating the wrong wall. This can give the room an unnatural feel and disturb its balance. Another mistake is leaving the wall empty. It’s meant to make something pop. Use contrast to create a wall gallery, define an architectural detail or put accent on a sculptural piece of furniture.

Mistake number three is going crazy with color or wallpaper in a small room, that lacks good natural illumination. This can make the room feel smaller, even claustrophobic. The final mistake is not taking into account a room’s configuration.

If you want to learn some tips and tricks on how to make a wallpaper accent wall work, walk with us through 10 living rooms designs. Let’s go.

1. Wallpaper an architectural detail 

blue floral wallpaper living room

An architectural detail, such as a protruding wall, may require some love and attention. In this example, the wallpaper helps create a balanced design. It puts both the sofa and the lighting fixture into the spotlight. Its the dominant element that dictates the living room’s color palette and flow.

2. Wallpaper accent wall and curtains 

Wallpaper accent

A room should have a strong defined focal point. In this living room, the wallpapered wall is supposed to capture the eye’s attention. However, it competes with the compelling texture of the curtains.

3. Choose light, transparent curtains 

tree inspired wallpaper

Its safer to go with pattern free, light curtains. Allow your wallpaper accent wall to steal the spotlight.

4. Highlight art and furniture 

living room feature wallpaper

Choose a neutral wallpaper to highlight bold colored furniture. In this example, there is an interesting relationship between the pattern of the wallpaper and the design of the lamps. It’s a static/dynamic, symmetric/asymmetric contrast that keeps the eye engaged.

5. Emptiness on a wallpaper accent wall

leafy wallpaper design

Something seems a bit off about the furniture placement on the accent wall. The natural focal point in this room is the TV-fireplace duo. However, the symmetric groups of furniture completely take over. Their use seems forced, as a result of an empty accent wall.

6. Take color across the room

feature wallpaper

Going bold with your wallpaper choice is not enough. You should take the colors and patterns across the room. Create flow. Make the eye discover the rest of the living room.

7. Wrong wall choice?

tree branches feature wallpaper

A beautiful wallpaper is not enough to create an interesting accent wall. If this room has a sofa and a TV, perhaps that should have been the feature wall.

8. Interesting composition

living room wallpaper design

In this living room, the accent wall is the purple one. It manages to create depth and highlights the protruding wall. The dramatic color palette is softened by natural light.

9. Beautiful details in wallpaper

white feature wallpaper

A beautiful wallpaper connects the inside with the outside and adds style. The room is flooded with natural light. The pattern is delicate, so it doesn’t overwhelm. In this particular situation, the wallpaper covers two walls. Depending on the location of the doors, the wallpapered walls can also accentuate direction and circulation.

10. Create contrast with a wallpaper accent wall


Contrast is not defined solely by color. In this example, there is contrast between the intricate design of the wallpaper and the simplicity of the furniture.

An wallpaper accent wall can look amazing, when done correctly. Let us know, would you consider creating an wallpaper accent wall for your living room?

Currently studying architecture, I'm enamored of all visual arts. My path in architecture started with drawing. The childish play soon developed into a passion and then into a choice of profession. Architecture taught me a lot of things that can be applied in interior design. I'll share with you my perception of space along with tips on how to manipulate it to suit your needs. Enjoy!

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