Living room with beige ceiling
Living Room

Using Earth Tone Colors For Living Room

Earthy and natural tones are ever popular when we decorate our homes. They’re easy to work with because of their neutrality, you can create a complex colour palette without clashing any colours, and you can adapt them to your own personality and to the style of your home.
Creams, browns, beiges, whites and even reds and oranges all contribute to earthy tones, and any mixture of these can create a contemporary atmosphere that also takes us closer to nature and isn’t offensive.
Because of their easiness to work with, neutral tones give us some allowance to be more daring with our textures and shapes, that we would perhaps stay away from with bolder and brighter colours. Take a look at these earth toned rooms where less colour doesn’t equate to less style:

1. Balancing Light And Dark

Balance out dark tones with creams and whites
There’s no doubt that dark woods look incredible in any home, but if you’re not looking to compress your home and want to keep it light, make sure you balance out dark tones with creams and whites.

2. Desert Colours

Wonderful warm and earthy home
Burnt terracotta and warm yellow can give a warmer outlook to any room. Mix those with dark wood and a natural stone floor and you have a wonderful warm and earthy home.

3.  Spectrum Of Colour

Mix greys with yellows and reds
Instead of focusing on a palette of browns alone, just creams, or a range of beiges, mix up colours and tones. Mix greys with yellows and reds, covering all parts of the natural colour spectrum for an unusual look.

4. Brown Isn’t Boring

Professional interior design

How many shades of brown can you see in this photo? There’s an awful lot of different tones, creating depth and interest in the room. Don’t stick to two or three shades, but go for an entire range for a professional interior design look.

5. Earthy And Unsubtle

Living room with burnt orange accent wall
Earth tones don’t have to be understated and subtle. Look how this contemporary home has included a burnt orange colour to an entire room, warming it up instantly.

6. Consider Your Ceilings

Living room with beige ceiling
Ceilings count, and they are usually in our line of sight. Consider how a light brown or beige ceiling might look better than a plain white ceiling in your room.

7. Cool Earth Tones

Earth tone colors for living room
For a stylish and sleek look, move closer to the cool spectrum of earth tones and concentrate on greys, dark browns and even deep mauves to achieve a trendy alternative to the usual mix of browns and creams.

8. Appreciate The Light

Light can have such an impact on your room
Light can have such an impact on your room that it can make a colour appear completely different. Take this into consideration when selecting your wall colours and play up to this. Look how the room transitions from light and airy to dramatic and deep.

9. Warm And Decadent Family Room

Family room with earth tone colors
Create a welcoming family room by mixing deep and warm earth hues, adding lots of texture and touches of your own family style for an intimate and comfortable room.

10. Subtle Pastel Splashes

Livnig room with earth tone colours
Add a little flash of fun by mixing your earth colour palette with a touch of pale green or blue.
Earth tones certainly don’t have to be boring, as long as you mix the tones in the right way that works for you, you’ll appreciate the beauty of the natural world and how you see it in your home.

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