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They say the family is the heart of a home and the living room is the heart of a house. A living room is the place where the whole house gravitates. It is the place where the family would usually bond for simple talks, entertainment or just a silent moment with them. It is the preface of a book, the first thing we read after being fascinated with its cover. Calling it a “living” room means that it gives us a glimpse of the family’s way of living. So to make our living rooms extra-special, here are unique living room ideas that might help you.

1. Light earth colors Living Room

beige and brown living room

This living room first gives off its aura as a calm and quiet place because of the color combinations. Light earth colors sets the mood of the room as you enter, then as you look closely to its details, you can see how the prints and patterns add noise to the plain color of the area. The tree finished the touch.

  1. Heather Garrett Design Living Room

large framed print over the fireplace

This cookies and cream room perfectly combined made the room comfortable to live in and nice to look at. The texture of the chandelier and mirror complemented well the plain sofa. The fireplace made the area look so homey and warm.

  1. Coffee Table And Two brown leather armchairs

 two brown leather armchairs

The huge circular rugs complemented well with the dark-colored plain curtains of the room. The couch was properly placed for a family to bond while watching tv.

  1. Family Room with French Doors

French Canvas walls

The center table surrounded by couches made the room perfect for a family. The view from the inside to the outside part of the living area made this living room extra-special. It seems like the the house is very welcoming and open for guests.

  1. Family room, Kitchen and Eating Area

kitchen pendants and the breakfast table

The plain sofa was perfectly matched with printed throw pillows. The paintings made the calm color of the walls more alive. The chandeliers set the mood of the room that added sophistication of its over-all look.

  1.  Light And Calm Living Room Colors

Family Room

The color of the room made the area look so light and calm. The candle holders accessorized well together with the three dark lamps at the rear area of the room. A place like this is best for kids.

  1. Modern elegant living Room

Modern elegant living Room

This is best for a family with teens. The accented vibrant color of the area gives off a youthful spirit of the room. The unique set-up of the tv area makes the room very inviting. It’s like saying, “just jump over and enjoy!”

8. Garage Conversion Living Room

small space living room

When your place is just enough for you own furniture, this is an example of a minimalistic living area that made the shelf as a divider between the bedroom and the living room. The white colored walls made the place look extra spacious.

  1. Traditional /Modern Living Room

Living Room Dining Room

This is what they call being playful with prints. The plain sofa and plain dark rug were partnered with the loud prints of the curtains and pillows. The big windows added the over-all totality of the room to look more environment-looking place.

10.   Light and bright Living Room

 Light and bright Living Room

The calm colors of the wall, couch and lamp were complimented well with these vibrant colors of the rug. The paintings as well added a gist to the place. The piano perfectly contrasted the idea of the quiet and calm aura of the place.

Sunshine graduated with a Degree of BSIED Drafting Technology. She once dreamed of running her own online business firm and first began writing and designing websites from a young age. She developed a passion for Houses, building and Interior designing and began taking on clients while still in college. ​ Sunshine oversees the creative direction at Sunshine Outsourcing as well as business development. Sunshine's charm and willingness to talk to anyone and everyone has been key to building our large local client base. Sunshine is very generous and a true leader to her firm and people

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