aqua blue land white living room
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Small living room design ideas

Small Living Room design are easy to become crampeed,cluttered and messy in a short poeriod of time. It is good to make sure your living room is small ,beautiful with minimal furniture and decor. Adding enough storage space, clever furniture arrangement and simple tricks can make a big difference to your small living room.

Uniformity and uncommonness, details in proper constructing is what is desired in small living rooms. In the given designs there is a synchronism of human needs and interplay of cultures. There is no need for statement or a masterpiece design which makes it look clumsy. The landscape should be in hinge with pediment and portico. So openness and shelter are both linked in these designs without giving it a luxurious look. Have a look at these simple interior dsign ideas.

1. Dark furniture

dark furniture

Big cabinet arrangement for television and music system, big mirror and simple sofa is desired as shown in the design .Big motif carpet covering the sofa area makes the place look spacious.

2. Cream White With Stone Fire Place Living Room

aqua blue land white living room

For a soft aquamarine taste opt for glossy silver and blue shades of sofa and heavy fabricated cushions. Indented false ceiling lights is used with wooden flooring, black wooden bench, brick cabinet for that Egyptian stony look to keep television and a twin mantel piece. Three arc shaped open entrance gives it Islamic feel architecture.

3.White Living Room With Storage Space

green and white living room

Stacking up classic bound novels in a library cum small living room with big white shelves is the idea of this design. White covered soft sofas with gothic printed cushions ,paintings and a round glass table alongside two doors one leading to the entrance and one to the balcony.

4. Minimalist Small Living Room Space

all in one kitchen and living room

A rock star’s living room can be easily revamped into one with guitars, book shelf at the top and open all steel stove top with hanging tea pans and pans for a modern small living room. Glossy plastic olive shade chairs, light-weight round marble table and wooden window for a farm look feel. This design incorporates a bookworm’s den, a rock star’s music abode, a small food zone and cowboy theme.

5. Beautiful small chocolate living room

chocolate living room

Black plastic iron rods is the highlight of this small design living room. Zebra print cushions on grey spring sofas and illuminating orange flame from open panel wall creates euphoria in one’s mind. Long glass paraffin wax candle stand with glass big windows for city viewing is ideal for cold countries.

6.  Zebra print asymmetrical small rug

white living room

A zebra print asymmetrical small rug strikes a chord with an all white sofa in the living room. Big chandelier gives a vintage design to the room. Wooden ceiling and horned deer on the wall with circular shape carved on the wall for air and sunlight to pass through. Small miniature show pieces on two sides, long table fan, rustic white wooden bench and two black color hand painting on the wall makes this living room a white and black look.

7. Purple Living Room With Stone Wall

purple living room idea

Purple sofas with circle patterns of purple and cream on wooden flooring brings out a vibrant feel to this stony wall living room. U-shaped silver lamp from the top hanging gives a runway-feel to it. Open fire place adds calmness to this living room.

8. Persian style of architecture

small round living room style

Round arc ceiling, round table, semi circular divan-style sofa with stripped covers ,five long windows and pied-piper shaped vines jutting from it stuck on the wall and a wooden green tortoise on the table top is very elementary yet Persian style of architecture.

9. Blue And White Living Room

small white and blue living room

Printed sofa, printed color splash painting on the wall and portable table for keeping fruits and magazines with a wooden lamp is apt for small living space.

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