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Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

It sure can get tricky to do up a small space, nevertheless it isn’t an excuse of not giving your living room a decor that reflects taste, panache and style. Since the space is a constraint in a small living room, so the tick here is to keep it simple by using small living room design ideas, work with what is there and not go for bulky decor elements, which will eat up the already scanty space. If you want more insight on how to do up a small living room with the right decor elements, read on further.

Today we will be showing 10 of the best living room ideas that we were able to look up for you which showcases small living room decorating ideas that shows the best of the owner and the home itself. These spaces that we have for you today are but examples of how one can really express and showcase much of their sense of style even when space is limited.

1. Small Grey and white living room

small grey and white living room

Image source: zillow

This decor is quite minimalistic but the right dash of colours here and there brings it to life. The couch in a greyish black tone, while the pillows in sapphire blue and a rounded side table in pistachio add colour to it. A comfortable chair upholstered in milky white adds extra seating space.

2.  small black and white living room

black and white living room

image source: Zillow

Different shades of brown and beige has been used all over this decor to bring all the elements together. The couches and ottomans have been upholstered in white and beige, while the table is in a nice sleek rectangular shape, in a dark brown tinge. An interesting black and white photograph adorns the wall behind the couch.

3. Small Pink Grey And White Living Room

small living room design idea

While the couch in this decor seems a tad bit bulky, the rest of the decor elements add to the finesse of the decor with sleek design. A large painting adorns the wall facing the couch and the entire floor has been carpeted in beige for a elegant look. Throw in cushions in multicolour add a dash of colour.

4.   small traditional living room with fireplace

traditional living room

This living room decor depicts elegance at its best featuring a warm brown tone all over. The dark leather couches and chair, upholstered in dark beige faces each other, while a roaring fireplace adds grandeur to the decor. An interesting chandelier brings in a medieval touch while large glass window lets in a lot of natural light.

5. Animal Print Chair Cushions And Glass Walls

small living room with blue background

Image source: Zillow

This room has a lot of retro quirk to it with animal print cushion on velvety brown couch. A dark brown low setting centre table adds lot of grandeur to this room sitting on a bed of pebbles. A contemporary fireplace set up completes the look.

6. small minimalist living room


Simplicity of design and structures defines this look in white and grey. The couch has a nice comfortable look to it in grey velvet and white throw in pillows. The all glass centre table is sleek and classy, while the grey rug in geometrical prints is a fashion add-on.

7. Living room with minimal furniture

living room with minimal furniture

This petite setup has been accommodated within a bedroom and is quite compact. A two seater couch in grey add a comfortable look to the decor while two uniquely designed chairs maximize the seating space. The centre table has a oval marble top and sleek legs ins steel. Throw in cushions in fur and velvet gives a cosy feel to the decor.

8. brown and beige living room

small brown and beige living room

The decor has a warm feel to it, predominantly featuring wooden furniture and flooring. The walls are in a warm beige tone which complements the decor. The chest has an antique look to it, while the rounded glass centre table is quite a contemporary touch. The couch is nice and comfortable in brown.

9. small white and green living room

Organic colors, rustic texture, are the crux of this decor. The couch is in black leather while the two chairs have been upholstered in a light olive tone. A black and white checked rug adorns the floor while an unique centre table with wheeled bottom adds a quirky touch to the decor.

10. Beautiful small living room


Comfortable seating arrangement is the main focus of this decor featuring two chairs upholstered in white, two in beige, couch in white and grey pattern and chair in ivory white leather. The centre table features sleek legs and a wooden top.

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