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12 Fantastic Modern Minimalist Living Room Designs

Modern Contemporary minimalist living room designs have a simple but smart design and furniture arrangement. They make it easy for the homeowners to utilise the space they have in their homes and create more space to play with at the same time.  No matter how small your house may be a Minimalist modern living room room will make your house look modern and bigger in size. This is because a minimalist modern living room uses less furniture and less clutter to keep it simple and inspirational.

When you have have guests and friends coming to visit you at your home, the first thing that comes in mind is which part of the house are they going to be in. Usually the living room is the centre of the house for relaxation and chatting purpose.  Having a smart clutter free but vibrant minimalist living room you will inspire your guest leaving you happy. We have 12 different collections of amazing modern mimimalist living room designs for you to see and maybe you could pick up a style that will like to use when redesigning and decorating your living room space.

 Contemporary Furniture Design Layout

black and white living room

Black and white unique living room with modern furniture design layout.  The furniture layout in this minimalist living room leaves enough space to  make use of and makes this small space living room look bigger.

Black And White Themed Modern Living Room


Designer: Wise Design

Black and white color themed modern Minimalist living room design with simple contemporary center piece,L-shaped sofa  and accessories.

Black And White Themed Modern Dining Room

Minimalist dining room

Minimalist Open plan black and white themed  kitchen and dining room area with contemporary dining set.

Minimalist Studio House Living room


Small space studio house nicely decorated living room. The aqua whitish sofa and the rug on the wooden floor makes this minimalist living room stunning.

Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room

Designer: Kareem Osama

Modern minimalist living room design with wooden flooring,grey rug and L-shaped sofa. The elegant coffee table and TV stand gives this modern living room anspiring. The colors used to give this minimalist living room a modern look are grey,black and white themes.

Black And White Living room Interiors

black and white themed modern living room

Modern Mininimalist living room with black and white circular carpet. The white sofas ,pictures and wall modern TV unit gives this modern living room a unique feel.

Black,Grey And white Themed Living Room

Interior Living Room

It is good to add a mixture of colours to create an accent modern minimalist Living room. The living room above uses a mixture of grey,black,white and lime bright sofa  colours.

Living Room with natural wood elements and matt lacquer

natural wood elements and matt lacquer

Designer: Huelsta

A combination of natural wood elements and  matt lacquer creates a trully remarkable modern minimalist living room.


living room cosy

Designer: Huelsta

Mixing unique decorative materials and fine lines gives a cosy appearance to the living room.

Simple Living Room Space

Simple Living Area

Designer: wackywacadoo

A smart white and black  living room design with accessories that goes well with the design

Lilac living Room

Lilac living room  with a distinct environment

Minimalist living room with a lilac wall,black wooden features and floor. The dark green rug and a mdern coffee table in the centre looks beautiful.

 Perfectly Aligned living room furniture and accessories

Perfectly Aligned living room furniture and accessories

A neutral coloured living room with entertainment units perfect for relaxation after a long day at work.

Designer: Fimar Mobili



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