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Modern Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

The modern lifestyle urged the simplification of interiors and the minimization of decoration, especially in the common spaces at home. The main space where everybody at home meets is the living room, the fact that makes it inevitable to design it to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Good design in this area is not merely technical or conceptual; the homeowners should incorporate whatever makes them happy and relaxed into their living rooms. Once that is achieved, calling the living room’s design “good” is certain.

Some key guidelines that will help you design your modern living room might be: upholstered couches, neutral colors, a lot of natural light, artificial light with dimming option, simple draped curtains/curtain panels, warm materials (stay away from metals), and minimum decorative pieces.

The following 10 photos show samples of modern decorating ideas for living rooms.

1. Relaxing Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room

Glass walls are always a success when the surrounding is picturesque. Sunscreens are used instead of curtains first to allow maximum view, and second to complement the modern style of the living space. An indoor plant is an even bigger success considering the life and positive energy it gives to its surrounding. Black leather furniture and glass coffee table accentuate the modernity of the space.

2. Upholstery vs Blinds

Upholstery vs Blinds

This traditional living room has a neutral color palette that make the living room more inviting. I have to note that the striped upholstery gives a camouflaged effect given the horizontal lines of the blind blades. Striped fabric, in my opinion at least, is so difficult to  work with, that it is rarely good-looking.

3. White Traditional Living Room

White Traditional Living Room

Marine beach style interiors are usually very relaxing and welcoming. The white couches are accentuated by blue and white cushions that match the two armchairs.

4. Crowded Decorative Elements

Crowded Decorative

This is one vibrant contemporary living room. The many decorative pieces in the wall unit might cause discomfort, especially that the unit is the room’s focal point. Make sure to place your TV at 110cm height.

5. Elegant Modern Living Room

Elegant Modern Living Room

Classic earthy palette in a modern spirit is a safe choice. This elegant living room is very well designed with all recommended factors. The large rectangular coffee table is absolutely adorable and functional.

6. Earthy Palette

Earthy Palette

Again an earthy palette. The visual continuity is made possible by the wide openings that connect the living space to the adjacent kitchen and dining rooms. The only unsuccessful choice is that of the end tables; one form is better than multiple square, circular, high and low tables.

7. Well-lit and Decorated Living Room

contemporary living room

This contemporary living room receives sufficient sunlight that makes it worth sitting in to relax, read and think. Beige, orange and navy blue make a good combination. The big painting makes a statement.

8. When Decorating Goes Wrong

eclectic interior style

The eclectic interior style is very popular in modern living spaces. However, I think the this living room has bits and pieces of two different living rooms, one with earthy palette, and the other with vibrant pastels. The walls are inadequately decorated and overly crowded.

9 . Traditional Spacious Living Room

Spacious Living Room

This traditional living room is very inviting and comfortable due to many factors: pastel color palette, warm wooden tables, and the connection to the terrace.

10. Tribal Decorating Idea

modern living room

Tribal patterns and accent decorative pieces give this modern living room a unique identity. The different colors are neutralized by the charcoal grey couch and the white background.

Pay attention not to over-decorate your seemingly boring modern living room. Simplicity and neutral colors could be animated by one big art piece or several small monochromatic accent pieces. Plants will always transform a space by adding life and color as well.



Interior Architect. "Beauty is a promise of happiness" - Alain De Botton. Plants, animals and inanimate objects affect the life of a human being in all aspects, which is the reason why architecture and design are the extension of human nature ”just as the beehive is an extension of the bee’s nature, and the bird’s nest is an extension of the bird’s nature.” (Marcantonio, International Arts Forum 2013) Surround yourself with what makes you happy, that is the ultimate beauty.

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