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The vintage look has been getting a lot of popularity and likes from people. The look focuses on regal but romantic looking pieces put together to create a lovely effect. Added factor to the charm of a vintage look is that most pieces can be found in second hand shops, and the older they look the more vintage they really are. The same goes for the vintage interior design, the older the pieces of furniture look the more classic they become. But how do you convert small spaces into lovely vintage living rooms? Here are some designing ideas on how to make your small space living rooms romantic and vintage looking.

  1.   Flora wallpaper Living room

Living room

Do you remember those rose or pastel colored wallpapers that were really popular in the past years? Well, bring them back in as they make your living room look more romantic and classic. The wallpaper efficiently brings out that vintage look with less effort and cheaper price.

  1.  Vintage Living Room

pastel and warm colors

Choose the pastel and warm colors for your wallpapers as they give out a brighter and sweet effect. Not only do warm colors give a sunnier look to a living room they also make the room look bigger than it really is. There are wallpapers with patterns and designs, you can also use that but make sure they also go with the pieces of decorative and furniture that you want to clad your living room with.

  1.  Bamboo Living Room Furniture set

Bamboo Furniture

If wallpaper jobs are not the design that works for you, you can paint your walls in pastel shades to make it more vintage looking. There are lots of colors to choose from, but creams and whites are always the safe choice, as these colors go well with anything and are classic looking colors. Plus, these colors are great for smaller spaced living rooms because they don’t make the room look crammed up and crowded.

  1. Rustic Colorful Living Room

bright living room

You can also choose to have brighter colors such as green and orange and match them together to create a colorful and vibrant vintage living room. This is a proof that you can always add a modern touch, even to classic designs. Also brighter colors do well in a living room as they make to room perkier and conducive to relaxing and entertaining guests.

  1.    Neutral Living Room

neutral room

Another designing idea that you can follow for your vintage living room is to have a fireplace. For cold countries, a fire mantle is always an essential part of their house. However, fireplaces have been modernized and replaced by heaters. But to achieve that vintage look you choose to have a fireplace in your living room.

6. Smaller versions of fireplaces

fireplace mantel

Not only do fire mantles make your room warmer in terms of temperature, they also give off that romantic charm that is one of the main characteristic of a vintage interior. This classic furniture space also gives off that comfortable feel that is important in a living room. Try to have smaller versions of fireplaces so that they don’t take up too much space in your living room. Also, enclose them in glass doors for safety purposes.

7.  Shabby Chic Living Room

vintage furniture

Select comfortable and fluffy pieces for chairs and sofas. Go for those that have seat covers so you can change their looks and designs if you like. Also you can clad your sofas and chairs with throw pillows, which makes the room more welcoming and easy.

  1.  Vintage Interiors

Vintage Interiors

For the vintage interior, it is not important that chairs and sofas match each other or are part of the same set. This interior design actually welcomes creativity and doesn’t give too much importance to uniformity. As long as your choose chairs and sofas with designs that go well with each other and doesn’t look distracting.

9. Vintage looking drawers and mirrors

vintage furniture and accessories

The details and room decors are also one big factor in making the living quarters reach that vintage look. Frequent house décor thrift shops and look for pieces that are old and charming at the same time. You can choose those vintage looking drawers and mirrors with intricate frame designs which vintage interiors are famous for.

10.  Light Fixture

vintage light fixtures

Select light fixtures that give off that romantic and charming look without over doing it. You can go for simple designed ones or that chandelier looking light fixtures. Just make sure that go well with the rest of the furniture in the living room. Also ensure that they make the room look bigger through the light they emit.

The vintage and classic look can be easy to achieve because of the existence of cheap furniture you can find in thrift shops. Just have the things you bought there tinkered to make them convenient for this era’s living conditions. Romanticize the look of your room and go for soft and warm touches. Also the warm factor can actually make your small living room comfortable and wider.

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