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Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces

Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces gives you an idea for your living room style desires. Doing up one’s home tastefully takes a lot of time and effort, and especially when the space is less, the chore becomes quite challenging. However, with the right tips pertaining to decor elements, placement of elements, colour etc you can give your small space a glamorous facelift that sure will earn you lots of appreciation.

We are not sure about you, but as a fan of home design and construction and pretty much all its ins and outs, we love checking out the new consoles, cabinets, tables, beds and even chairs in person! Checking them online or in magazines is pretty awesome too, but sometimes, seeing the actual items makes us more in touch with the design we are aiming for.

For more tips on how to do up your home stylishly with or without enough space, read on.

1. Sunlight Style Living Room

Sunlight Style Living Room

This decor is all about letting in a lot of sunlight with large glass window. The color theme used here is grey and white which reflects in all elements be it the sofa, the walls, the curtain and rugs. The furniture is sleek and in dark wood. The look is completed with a beautiful vase on the table.

2. Lavishness Reflection

Lavishness Reflection

Although the space is scanty, the room still reflects lavishness at its best. Comfortable leather couch has the main focus of this room, which sits proudly in front of a fireplace. A small centre table in a warm wooden finish gives the room the feel of a cabin.

3. Rounded L Shaped Couch

Rounded L Shaped Couch

Perfect for a small space, a rounded L shaped couch saves a lot of space. Lots of throw in cushion add a comfortable feel to the room. The centre table is small, in order to save space and while the entertainment wall in a burgundy finish completes the look.

4. Contemporary Designed Living Room

Contemporary Designed Living Room

Adding quite a contemporary look to your home, this living room decor is all about sleek style. Orange couches add a sharp contrast to the dark wooden furniture and floor. An unique floor lamp with rounded shades add a dash of class to this decor.

5. Traditional Living Room

Traditional Living Room

This room decor has a traditional feel to it, with green and white walls with inbuilt racks, a roaring fireplace and uber comfortable tweed couch. The rug has a nice rustic look to it, while the table is oval with delicately designed legs.

6. White Elemental Room

White Elemental Room

A feel of openness comes in this small living room with the usage of white in all its elements and lot of natural light. Large glass windows give this room a warm open feel while two comfortable couches add that feel of luxury. For extra seating space two chairs, upholstered in white has been added.

7. Studio Light Type Living room

Studio Light Type Living room

An L shaped couch with lots of throw in pillows not only adds a lot of grandeur to the living room decor, but also saves space. The rug has a velvety look to it which glams up the room even further. The side lamp with a oval shade adds that contemporary feel to the decor.

8. Roaring Fireplace  Decorated

Roaring Fireplace  Decorated

This set up is space saving at its best. The roaring fireplace has been fenced on both side by rustic seating arrangements, giving the decor a feel of a cabin. The entire setup has a dark wooden polish to it. The fireplace mantle showcases antique clocks, candle stands and plaques.

9. Spiral Staircase Structured

Spiral Staircase Structured

A lot of colour, and a unique use of a spiral staircase is the crux of this decor. The couches don’t take up a lot of space but has that comfortable look to it. The centre table is square with a dark wooden finish. Two pop art images adorn the wall.

10. Artistic Vibe Living Room

Artistic Vibe Living Room

This living room decor has a lot of artistic vibe to it. Two large paintings adorn the wall while a single sleek couch in white sits at the centre of the room. The rug in red adds a nice contrast to the white couch. A tree log shapes side table and a uniquely designed side chair in green completes the entire look.

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