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Ideas for small Living Rooms

Ideas for small living room can range from keeping it basic to chic. You can modify your look by changing it from time to time. You can go for modern to vintage ideas. Ideas inspired from Portugal, Italy, Roman, Greek style is used for small living room designs. Not much of detail or creativity is involved when you want to keep it original. We know for one thing that it is one important issue since small living room decor ideas is in demand and is pretty much significant.

We are all concerned as to how we can decorate our small living rooms to make it more prettier or more conducive not only for us, but for the people in the house. Here are some 10 ideas for small living rooms that you may find helpful.

1.  Beige and Brown Living Room

brown furniture in modern living room

Open glass shutters is the call of this layout. Leather deep brown sofa and fabric sofa kept on other side of the room. Lamp shade is kept on two side tables. The lamps are very simple. Creamy texture of the walls makes it a cool hub.

2. Country side Living Room

country side living room

Stone look and tree trunks used on the ceiling is very farm fresh and artistic at the same time. Open glass door for outlet to the balcony. Fire place, small pan kept on the floor takes you back to 80’s time. Flowers and wooden small door is very English architecture.

3. Elegant Modern White Living room

modern white living room

Wooden panel on white ceiling with matching wooden floor, white sofas with black cushions, ceramic pots for variegated leaves and black basket for another set of leafy climbers is inspired by garden living room.

4.  Glass Villa Living Room

villa living room

If you have sea-facing villa then opting for sea colors like blue, green and yellow should be ideal. Blue and grey sofas have been kept. The roof is pyramid shaped with wooden ceiling and flooring. Keeping it minimal is the key since the outside view of the sea and coral flowers is overwhelming enough for the inside view of the living room.

5.  Small Red Living Room Colour Scheme

small red living room

If you want to bring in positivity then use vibrant shade like red. Red walls, cushions, printed sofa covers and carpet brings in vibrancy. Use of cabinet system and white doors is used for aesthetic appeal.

6. White And Red Living Room

white and red color accents

If fusion is your choice then vintage chairs, arc shape outlet, golden spiral pillars, mirrors, sofas , lamp shades and wooden staircase ceiling top is identical to a poet’s house in England. The look can be created with precision and solid materials.

7.  Small Basement Living room

basement living room

A mini personal living room is easily created by placing one sofa cum chair and a wooden sloping shelf for keeping books and a lamp. This design is actually a book zone for teenagers turned into a living room.

8.  Flora inspired dressing table

flora in small living room

Flora inspired dressing table used as wine table with glass cutlery makes this design complete .Use of colors is very much required in this particular design. Floral and scented yellow , green , white and mustard wall with fibrous root design and motif on the table is used for French look.

9. Small living room with storage unit

small living room with storage unit

Cabinetry is the crux of living room. Hence, light wood cabinets for book shelf, keeping television , small audio, show pieces with round lights fitted on the cabinet illuminates the entire area.

10.  Small Living room with old wooden Table

character living room smallThis is an environmental friendly look since old farm wheeled- table, old galvanised wooden board is placed to create such a design. Identical pillared lamps and rucksack sofa makes it a comfortable living room.



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