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10 Stylish and Creative DIY living room ideas

DIY Living room ideas inspire people  to be creative in decorating their homes.  The living room needs to be stylish and at the same time gives the feel of sombre mood combined with innovative ideas. The key ideas for designer living room are full of lights, good paint and a host of sculpted pieces embossed in the manison. For small as well as big living rooms the ideas and designs make it look structured. Inspirational designs work best for the living rooms and here are some of the DIY living room ideas behind them which will inspire you:-


1.   Black Metallic Butterflies

Black metallic butterflies in a round manner

Black metallic butterflies in a round manner is placed in the wall and there are two kinds of sofa placed in the living room. Two wicker like tools in one side a and a matte finish sofa on the other side gives a warm look.


2.   Back Board

Back board stands opposite the white colour dressing table

Back board stands opposite the white colour dressing table. Two lamps are placed on top of the table and a vase with yellow flowers is spread. The look is neat but radiant.

3.   Big Arc Shaped Ceiling Design

White living room design

Big arc shaped design of the ceiling looks great in white paint and the sofas are spread in an L shaped manner of white colour with carpet on the floor. Oval shaped table in the middle stands in the middle.

4.   DIY bedroom Idea

Bedroom gives an aesthetic appel with grey wall

Bedroom gives an aesthetic appeal with grey wall and three pictures of babies stuck on the wall. The bed is of white soft mattress with many small cushions and a wicker side table.

5.   Blue Colour Cushio Hhighlight The Room

Light and air enter through the windows

Greyish white mattress of the sofa with blue colour cushion is the highlight of the room and it gives a Turkish appeal. Windows and shelves are placed in the room. There is a long table of wooden furnishing. Light and air enter through the windows.


6.   DIY Blue Living Room Idea

Living room with a blue sofa

Sofa in the living room of blue colour makes the place look exotic set amidst illuminated lights and a silver lamp is placed overlooking the sofa.


7.   Wooden Table In Layered Furnishing

Living room with huge windows

There is a wooden table in layered furnishing with chairs of the same furniture. An iron white colour bed is placed in the side with printed fabric on top of the sofa.


8.   Contemporary Living Room

Living room with a big trunk placed in the middle

Two comfortable single seat sofa are placed side by seat separated by a single small table in the middle. A big trunk is placed in the middle which is placed on the carpet. There is a book rack on the shelves and light along with fresh air enters through the window.


9.   Living Room With White Coloured Sofa

DIY living room idea

White coloured sofa in a big and narrow manner is placed on the wall and above it is a copper colour board on which words are scribbled on it. On the opposite side there is a wooden structure. Two narrow and vertical windows are placed side by side.

10.   Living Room With Turkish Appeal

Grey sofa with orange cushions

Grey sofa with orange cushions as well as an orange and white round light is placed on top. Computers are placed on the table as well. Wooden flooring and white carpet is spread above it.


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