Living Room

Contemporary Living Room Interior Designs With Warm Natural Light

There are different contemporary living room interior designs you will see below.These modern designs inspiration are the ones that are being used in our modern world,as you can see they all have different color schemes that suits each and every living room,each living room has different and unique furniture,each living room has different design arrangement of the furniture.As you can see some have natural wooden walls and on the other part just a wall in the same living room,well others  have no wooden walls,it is just walls.This makes everyone to choose any contemporary living room interior design of his or her choice.

A Cream White,White And Grey Contemporary Living Room Interior Design

contemporary-living-room       This interior has a cream white wood furniture with a picture on it which makes the interior look more outstanding.It has comfortable grey sofa with cream white and chocolate cushion on them and the sofa to the right side of the room,has not only cushions but also a flipped magazine on it.Besides the sofa,there is a cream white lamp shed stand.There is also a white contemporary table with two flower vases on top,to the left a smaller one with green flowers in it and to the right bigger one with pink flowers in it,which makes room more colour  and books on  it,white and grey carpet and white curtains.Apart from sofa there is an wood armed,grey chair with cream white cushion written black words on it.This living room looks simple but has nice contemporary furniture,has enough space to move from one corner to another without bumping into any furniture and also the interior is easy to clean without finding any difficulties.                                                                                                                                                                                             A Modern Black And White Contemporary Living Room Interior Design 

Living Room Design

This is a modern black and white  living room interior design.This living room uses black and white colour schem,it is neautral .The interior has enough space for all the furniture in it which makes any one move freely from one part of the room to another and also it is easy to clean because the furniture  can be moved.It has a white wall furniture,white  modern window with no curtain which makes it unique  and there is a mirror stuck on the wall with a black flame.The interior has a black marble shine wood floor,comfortable white sofa with black cushions on them which makes the room more colourful  and on the middle of the sofa,there is a  modern contemporary table with a decoration on top.

A Modern White,Grey,Black And Natural Wood Furniture Contemporary Living Room

Living Room Design         This living room uses white,black and grey color scheme.It has a white wall and there is a big canvas picture on the right side of the wall.It has a natural  wooden floor,a nice black and white carpet and a rexable  grey sofa with a white and blue zigzag patterned cushion on it and beside the grey sofa to the right side of the room,there is a white lamp shed stand .There is also a unique glass wood and glass coffee table with a flower vase on top with a green flower in it which makes the room look more colourful. Apart from that,there is a wooden television stand with a black  flat screen plasma television on top and beside to the left side of the television,there is a small one speaker and underneath  on the same stand,there are discs.There are four long  speakers on each side of the television stand,two on the right side and the other two on the left side.Most of all,the interior has enough space for fresh air,for moving from one place to another and for easy cleaning.

A Cream White,White and Grey Contemporary Living Room Interior Design 


This living room uses cream white,white and grey color scheme to make the room look more outstanding.It has a white wooden wall,white sealing board with three contemporary bulbs on to the right side of the sealing board and the bulbs are facing down straight to the picture stuck on the cream white wooden wall for the picture to look more visible and clear.It has shine wooden floor,to the left side of the room that is where there is a white and grey carpet,a white contemporary table in the middle of the sofa and on top of the table,there are two books, two white vases with flowers in them,the smaller one with green flowers in it to the left side and the bigger one with pink flowers in it, to the right side on the same table and these flowers makes the room look more colorful.Not only that,underneath the same table,there are some books too.There are two grey sofa with grey and chocolate cushions on them and one grey wooden armed chair with a cream white cushion on it written some words.Beside the sofa to the right side,there is a cream white lamp shed stand and there is a white flower pot to the right side far end comer of the room.On the other part of the living room,there is a white wood book shelving attached to the wall and below it is made of natural shine wood and in between the living room and the part where there is book shelf, there is a white wooden board with flowers and a plate.

A Brown,Beige And White Contemporary Living Room Interior Design


This living room uses brown,beige and white color scheme for the room to look out standing.It has a brown wall with the big white picture of the building stuck on it.It has a brown simple stand up book shelves on both side of the sofa, the stand up book shelf to the right side has a campus and a bulb on top and the one to left side has also one of the geographical instrument .There is a neutral beige velvet sofa with beige velvet cushions and in front of the sofa there is a stylish trank used as a coffee table and storage at a same time,it is used to store some gadgets and on top there is a flipped book,eye glasses and some geographical elements.In front of the stylish trank coffee table,there is a telescope stand. Beside the sofa to the right side,there is a brown lamp shed stand and to the left side there is geographical fun.This living room has geographical elements in it therefore, it is suitable for traveler,a geography teacher etc.Because of the the geographical everyday things of geography it is important.


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