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How to build a daybed frame For Seating Or Lounging

Sometimes when relaxing during day time you don’t feel like sitting upright at all instead you just feel like finding a comfy soft sofa you can relax on and snooze. But a standard sofa don’t seem do it at times. That is where Day beds come in, having of those of could be of great help. In today’s post we are showcasing different Day Bed Designs and daybed frame  that you can think of choosing when you see one at your local store.  Daybeds are good for lounging and seating as they are like recliners used in common rooms. Day beds seems to save the purpose of having a snooze during day time and are much more functional in that way like a chase lounge, couch and a bed.

Early beds (8000 BC) were little more than piles of straw or other natural material (eg, lots of palm leaves, skins sometimes filled with water to isolate the cold ground) laid on the ground. The etymology of the word bed derives from the Latin verb legere, amass, heap . Place of sociability , it serves to rest, eat, receive, work (the function of this ” how to build a daybed frame ” lasted until the seventeenth century ). An important advance was made when, to avoid drafts, dirt, reptiles and parasites, they were raised on legs.    Enjoy looking through the different Modern day bed design examples we have below

Stylish Round shaped day bed design made from light weight hand woven resin with comfortable mattress and chair cushions to lean on. The frame with distressed finish offers a natural look that’s extremely durable and is scratch-resistance with UV protection.

This one is a U-Shaped Day bed design frame you cant resist made from hand woven resin. It is a three part day bed which are easy to assemble and rearrange either into an L-shaped day bed design or like a standard sofa design with a foot stool.  It is flexible for sleeping, sitting and relaxing. The comfy cushions it has just makes it stand out.


In ancient Egypt , the wealthy had high bedsteads accessed by steps, insulated curtains and fitted with bolsters or pillows . The elite of Egyptian society such as pharaohs and queens beds were sometimes gilded wood inlaid with precious materials (ivory, gold, silver), fitted with stools under the feet and a headrest stone, metal wood or carved ivory used to support the large caps of the pharaohs.



This day bed frame design is perfect for a girl’s room and for a girl child.  White in colour ,with pink mattress ,pink patterned chair cushions and a blanket. Your child could love that kind of day bed all for them. in their own room.


In ancient Greece , the earliest mention of a bed is probably that ‘s Ulysses , a charpoy bed with a wooden frame and four feet whose frame is a lattice of ropes tight around the frame. Ulysses also relates how he designed the nuptial bed for himself and Penelope, from a huge old tree trunk of olive . Homer mentions the gold inlay, silver and ivory wooden beds. The typical Greek bed had a wooden frame, with a board at the head and bands of leather laced through on which skins were placed.


Another perfect for a kid daybed frame. This sort of daybed design could save many purposes for a child, you can turn it into a baby nursery bed or use it as some kind of twin bed because of the mattress underneath. The frame panel below can be pulled while holding the second mattress and form a second bed for your other child. sit and relax watch your children sleep comfortably during day time giving you time to do other things around the house.

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The invention of the metal spring during the Industrial Revolution and the foam in the 40s enabled the development of spring mattress and mattress foam latex and polyurethane. This minimum comfort became accessible to all. And this is the first criterion in choosing between a bed today: we all want a good night’s sleep with a well treated back.
Today the bed is usually composed of a spring mattress and a slatted or upholstered used to support it. These two elements can be placed directly on the ground, on a metal frame, or embedded in a wooden bed. There are many shapes and sizes of beds and standard sizes of mattresses is a relatively recent concept. The ideal mattress should support the back so that the backbone retains the same position and standing.



For mattresses is now very sophisticated. Soft, hard, foam, latex, wool, cylindrical springs, pocket sprung and water (extra strong vinyl cylinder filled with water), there is something for all tastes and all body types. They are classified according to their width, which ranges from 80 to 180 cm. Their length is normally from 190 to 200 cm and must allow freedom of movement on each side.


Four pieces modern day bed design made from hand woven resin round corner arms and rectangular shaped leg extensions with a drinks glass table made from the same material as the daybed frame. Now this one looks luxuries and kind of day bed where you would want to get up once comfortably seated on their. Could do a trick during summer months for your outdoor space.


Simple 2 pieces wooden day bed  with matching chest of drawers on each side of it. the green coloured mattress goes well with this brown wooden daybed frame. Could be good for a kids room design and has the potential of 2 kids sleeping in the same room on a daybed but on different beds because of the second bed underneath the main day bed frame.



This one is an example of a Lazy boy daybed frame with a foot stool that can bed good for sleeping on while relaxing in the sun on your outdoor area space of your home. One doesn’t need to go to a communal public swimming pool place n order to find a comfy daybed. You can have yours at home and you will be surely happy you have it. The cushions are covered in UV resistant fabric in a soothing, soft, olive tone, and the fun, contemporary floral pattern on the toss pillow bring in a pop of color in green, bright yellow, orange and white amid the soft grey background.

And for those who do not want a traditional mattress, the possibilities are endless: the futon composed of layers of cotton, water mattress that uses the principle of Persian nomads there three thousand years slept on skins goats filled with water, or the third millennium mattress, mattress memory foam that responds to temperature and weight. Designed and developed for the NASA space program in 1970, this was molded foam body shape astronauts while reducing the pressure associated with takeoff and flight.



Modern day bed designs come in different forms and shapes and have comfortable mattresses that makes them even more enjoyable. The modern day beds can truly add to the beauty of the furniture and can look good either in a traditional, contemporary or classic interior room design.

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