White sofa in Living Room
Living Room

Big Ideas for Small Living Room Sofas

Small living rooms need a bit more of planning when it comes to buying future for them.  One piece of furniture that is more important in the living room is the sofas as they provide us with something to sit on as we enjoy being in the living room.  Living Room Sofas come in different shapes and  are made of different materials.  The materials used for the sofas include wood, steel, cushioned seats, and even plastic! They even come in different colors too

Choosing the right furniture is very important as they can either enhance or detract from the interior design of the house. Urban living has added some problems when it comes to furniture because of the limited space. In times past, furniture was big, bulky and heavy things in the house. Now sleek and trim is in due to lack of space and taste has modernized too.  We’ve some suggestions for sofas to be used in small living rooms that would make their image big.

  1. Living Room with Sectional Sofa

Living Room with Sectional Sofa

A sectional sofa was used for this small living room and the effect is beautiful. The splash of green against the blue walls and gray sofa contrasted yet blended seamlessly to a grand finish.

2. Small Living room with green striped design sofa

small living room sofas

This small living room was given a grand image by the use of a large red area carpet that matched with the green striped design sofa. The sofa has three sections yet was made compact and fitted this living room very well.

  1. Long Sofa in Lime Green living room

small living room

A long sofa was used to occupy one wall space and this actually made the room look longer. The long black center table added to the image. The use of two throw pillows placed at both ends of the sofa enhanced the length of it and made this room look spacious.

  1. Sectional Sofa in Living Room Corner

Sectional Sofa in Living Room Corner

The use of a sectional sofa that would round up corners would make the room bigger. In the picture, the sofa was cleverly placed to curve on a corner and gave the room a spacious feeling.

  1. Overstuffed leather sofa in Art Deco Living Room

Art Deco Living Room

This overstuffed leather sofa looks fantastic even when it was used for a small space. This living room maximized its space yet looks aesthetically beautiful and organized to look at. The big wicker basket placed at one end of the sofa made it look longer.

  1. White sofa in Living Room Purple And white Colour Schemes

White sofa in Living Room

This white sofa looks fantastic in this small living room. The shelves on the wall made the room look neat and compact and the white interior made the room bigger. The red area rug is a nice touch.

  1.  Green plump sofa in living room

 dominant brown furniture

The green plump sofa looks great when contrasted with the dominant brown furniture. The less clutter a living room has, the bigger the image it will present. The red area rug looks contrasted beautifully with the green sofa and the red rocking chair is a nice touch.

  1. Dawn Pratt living sofa

cream white sofa

This large white sofa is a fantastic design. It made the room look bigger and it fitted in very well even for such a small area.


  1. Green Living Room with Green Sofa

Green Living Room

The  green wall is a fantastic color and the way this living room is designed is gorgeous. The sofa here looks plump and inviting and a home office actually shares the space. This is how wonderful careful planning and artistry could do to a small space.

10.   Wall full of Book shelves

Wall full of Book shelves

A wall full of shelves with a home office in the middle and the living room adjacent to it looks amazing. The use of light weight furniture is a great idea.


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