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Amazing Living Room Ideas Black And White Colour Schemes

Living rooms usually have a black and white colour which defines the colour pattern of the room. The living rooms are defined by the colour schemes which gives a new dimension. There are many ideas which transform your space and make it look your base. Core ideas form the basis of the living rooms. The look of the place is royalty. You can infuse as many styles as possible in the arena to beautify and to give it a flow brimming with life. Here are some of the best Living Room ideas by which you can get a new place decorated  all by yourself:-


1.   Contemporary Living Room

 Shelves in a square corner manner

There are shelves in a square corner manner. There is one sofa placed just before the shelf and it is a monochromatic look with black lamp, pots and sofas fused. The flooring is polished and it is of nude beige colour.


2.   Identical Jars Like Walls


Eclectic living room

Three identical jars like walls are structured side by side and the wall ha black paint with four tall figures in colours to give it a different feels altogether. A light ball is placed on the ceiling and minute lights are placed all over and bouquet like flat platform is placed on the table with white lilies.


3.   Dark Living Room

Living room with white curtains

The living room is dark in colour due to the non visibility of the room as well as a beige colour sofa in another side gives a holistic appeal to the entire place. Small tables are kept on which a small flower vase in golden jar is placed.


4.   Neutral Living Room

Living room with Cushions feather weight  cushions

Cushions are feather weight and have open windows in large size acting as the inside and the outside of the door. There are flowers of small size kept on the small table so that some amount of freshness is felt in the area. Sunlight penetrates through the ajar windows.


5.   Eclectic Living Room

Portrait of the family is placed in one of the wall

Inverted bells of big size in oxidised gold gives a royal finish to the room which stands in a cluster on two sides. There is a fireplace and white colour sofas are placed with a cushion that is soft. A portrait of the family is placed in one of the wall.


6.   Living Room With Three Huge Identicle Windows

Small size sofas in white colour is placed all around.

Three identical windows of huge size, three in the down tier and three on the upper tier makes it look like a heaven on earth. The wooden flooring of the room with fireplace is what strikes most. Small size sofas in white colour is placed all around.


7.   Modern Living Room

Portrait of light weight white flowers blooming on the canvas

A portrait of light weight white flowers blooming on the canvas gives a feel of the autumn season. The sofas are placed in L shaped manner and a small table is placed in the middle on top of the carpet area.


8.   Black Colour Single Sofa 

Elegant living room

Black colour single sofa which has a narrow stand is placed on the fur mattress and a marble slab and a jar like vase of marble on a marbled slab looks amazing.

9.   Feather Weight Curtains


Stunning living room

The curtains in the room are like feather weight and it is of beige colour with black and white sofa. Beige colour sofas with cushions are spread. The place shines in a black and white mood.


10.   White And Black Sofas

Amazing living room

The identity of the room is due to the sofas which are placed in the sides and surrounding the entire place either on wooden surface or carpet area.






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