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10 African Living Room Decor Ideas

Africa is a continent known for its beautiful landscapes, so we be bringing that beauty and the interesting features into our home.

Using dark wood, lots of warm colours and abstract shapes often inspired by human life, we can incorporate African design into our homes by adding a couple of abstract ornamental pieces, or by weaving African style into the entire design of a room or our entire home.

We are sharing ten fantastic examples of homes that have incorporated African style into their living rooms, ranging from elaborate and ornate styles that encompass entire African living rooms, to minimal and subtle touches that add splashes warmth and interest to a room.

1. Splash Of Colour

African living room
Adding pinks, reds, and oranges to your home with dark and warm toned woods can bring a touch of Africa to the most subdued and simple rooms.

2. Orange And Checkerboard

Silver urn and checkerboard feature maintain the African theme
Much of this room carries an orange tone, such as the lamp, chair, and wooden table. The silver urn and checkerboard feature maintain the African theme but act as cool contrasts to the warm orange hues.

3. Minimal African Touches

Dining room with a warm orange table
This room isn’t overtly African themed, but the warm orange table, abstract shaped vases and wooden spiked mirror all bring subtle touches to this stylish room.

4. African Souvenirs

Beautiful busts and vases set a wondrous tone
Perhaps the best way to add a touch of Africa to your home is to collect your own items from Africa. These beautiful busts and vases set a wondrous tone for the entire room.

5. Warm And Comfy Living Room

Ornamental living room
This very ornamental living room has found the perfect balance of space, colour and texture by using cooler colours to balance the warm hues, and interesting textures.

6. Chic Dark Woods

Darker hues add depth and a story to the room
Contrasting interesting mirror and dark woods against a plain and simple living room brings a splash of African style to this living room, but the darker hues add depth and a story to the room.

7. A Touch Of Fun

African style décor
A wider look at this room and we can see how the large room has used subtle touches of African style décor to make the room much more interesting and welcoming.

8. African Dining Room

Dining room with an elaborate rug
Orange hues, dark woods, and an elaborate rug show how a more intense African theme can look great and not swamp an entire room.

9. African meets Modern

Living room with art decor
This large living room is a perfect meeting point of African woods, oranges and artwork together with modern furniture and sleek finishes.

10. Subtle African Atmosphere

Modern and clean family room
This primarily modern and clean family room has subdued hints if African decor in the ornaments and muted golden and orange tones.

If you’re a fan of African art and décor, hopefully we’ve shared some ideas on how you can incorporate the art into your home in a different way, or we’ve introduced you to the beauty of African interior design and inspired you to look deeper into adding a touch of Africa to your home.

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