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6 Victorian Entertainment Wall Unit Designs

Victorian Entertainment Wall Unit Designs creates scene that will really entertain its people. So you are thinking of buying a new entertainment unit for your living room to glam up its look. An entertainment unit should be such purchased that not only it lives up to the criteria of functionality but also should accessories your home in a nice way. Now, if you are looking for a fixture which is high on craftsmanship and elegance, option for a Victorian design can be a great option. Find below six Victorian Entertainment Wall Unit Designs that will give your home an immediate facelift.

The living room is a place where we entertain guests and where we bond with the family, so better design it clean and more attractive. You’d be amazed with these living room makeovers. You will be able to see the difference of the area before and after the makeover since the pictures are featured. See below designs and have fun on it as you learn new and one of a kind designs.

1. Victorian Style Entertainment Wall in Room

victorian style entertainment wall unit

This Victorian era inspired entertainment unit brings in a designer feel to the decor. Resembling palace gates, the design is quite unique. The setup comes with ample space, so you can easily store your CDs, DVDs, books etc along with your television. It also accommodates the space for a home theatre system. The full extension drawer construction showcases a French and English dovetail design. Intricate carvings along with sweeping lines add to its beauty while the hand carved shell motif and lion’s paw is the cherry on top.

2. Victorian Style Chateauent Wall In Room

victorian style entertainment unit

Perfect to give your living room the look and feel of a French chateau, this entertainment wall unit is all about style. It also comes with two book storage space on both sides where you can tuck in all your favourite books, DVDs etc. The full extension drawers showcase craftsmanship at its best with blown up designs surrounded by intricate hand crafting.

3.  Victorian Style Complete Entertainment Wall in Room

Victorian style Entertainment Wall

If one word could describe this set up, then it is majestic. This entertainment wall unit is a perfect combination of style and functionality with its ample storage space. You can easily install you television and still have enough space for your ancillary electronic units and accessories. An arc on the top with intricate hand crafting works as the crowning glory of the design.

4. Victorian Style Entertainment with Piers

walnut Victorian style entertainment unit

This setup is quite substantially spread and boats it craftsmanship. The piece comes in a warm chestnut finish along with full extension drawers. The unit works on touch illuminating, system which lights up the entire system. The excellent designing make it quite easy to access the different components. It is perfect for you in you need an entertainment unit which can accommodate other items as well.

5. Victorian Style Entertainment

Earl Court Entertainment Center

This entertainment unit is quite petit, nevertheless allows u storage space courtesy its full extension drawers. Gilded carving is featured all over the piece which adds to its beauty. The hardware has an antique gold accent to it which perfectly matches the dark brown wooden finish.

6. Victorian Style Entertainment Wall in Room

Tuscany Entertainment Wall

With a Tuscan look to it, this designer piece is sure a head turner. This grand piece of furniture draws its inspiration from the magnificence of Tuscany with floral patterns all over. The furniture is featured in a warm walnut finish, while the hardware are featured in an antique brass shade. The spread is quite substantial and hence it has ample storage space for all your electronic devices, books, DVDs etc

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