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10 Victorian Style Media Cabinet Designs

Victorian Style Media Cabinet are quite stylish and can be the perfect complementing accessory for your living room. A media is quite an important accessory in any living room, which not only adds to its look but is necessary in terms of functionality as well. Find below 9 Victorian style inspired media cabinet designs for your living room that can change its appeal in no time at all.

Black and white and cream always gives timeless beauty to something not just because it can survive through trends and fads but because it can also fit in whatever kind of interior you have in your home so meaning it is still good and attractive color even nowadays. We can spot many items in the house that has black in it and we would certainly admit that it stays there for long than those with flashy or bold colors. And that could also happen in our very own cabinets and shelves. Today, we will be showing you a list of 9 Victorian Style Media Cabinet Designs.

1. Victorian Style Caravelle Pearl Media Chest

victorian style Caravelle Pearl Media Chest

This media chest, adding a designer look you your room features a pearly white polish which highlights its magnificent carvings. It has been intricately hand crafted out of birch wood along with veneers made out of American whitewood. A perfect add-on for a Victorian look.

2. Victorian Style Multi-purpose Media Cabinet

victorian style East Hampton Media Chest

If a quintessential French flare is what you are looking at, no other piece can fit better in your home than this media cabinet. It comes with a pull out front drawer, where you can easily tuck in your DVDs. With a rustic look to it in white, this media chest is a great piece for rooms in muted shades.

3. Victorian Style Solid Brown Cabinet

Romantic Reflections Media Chest

This media chest has an elegant style to it that is quite illuminating. Featuring a subtle Victorian feel to it the antique surfaces with mirrors softly reflects light all over the room to create a magical ambience.

4. Victorian Style Magnificent Victorian Cabinet

victorian media cabinet

This media chest brings in a feel of southern heritage in the room along with maintaining to magnificence of the Victorian era. If you have a thing for vintage artefacts and antiques, this is a must have piece for you. Perfect for you if you have warm toned room, this media chest can add the touch of vintage elegance to any room.

5. Victorian Style Mahogany and Cathedral Cherry Cabinet

victorian style antique media chest

This media cabinet has an essence of merry old London to it featuring carvings of hand sculpted acanthus leaf and baroque style hardware. Mahogany and cathedral cherry veneers along with herringbone inlays complete the entire classic look of this media chest.

6. Victorian Style Cedar Cabinet

victorian style vintage media cabinet

What makes this media cabinet special is that it features beautiful drawers which have joints in the shape of English dovetail along with metal guides of full extension. All the three drawers have removable partitions while cedar wood lines the bottom drawer. Solid brass hardware adds the cherry on the cake.

7. Victorian Style European Folding Doors Cabinet

Palace Gates Media Cabinet

The media chest has a look of palace gates to it. Drawing on European architecture, the design features folding doors which conceal the upper partition. There are total two compartments along will ample storage space courtesy 6 spacious drawers. So storing all your DVDs and TV guides is not big deal any more.

8. Victorian Style Curve Frontier Cabinet

Delmonico Media Chest

An attractive thing about this chest is that it features a serpentine curve on the front along with intricately carved out acanthus leaf cover. A lot of detailing in terms of urn finials, delicate moldings and crowns with shelf motifs all complement the old school European elegance.

9.Victorian Style Old English Essence Cabinet

Reminiscent of old victorian world European

Reminiscent of the best of old English grandeur, the figured burl, bombe curves along with vintage hardware and detailed metalwork is what makes this media cabinet stand out of the rest.



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