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10 Victorian Style Living Room Designs

Want a living room decor that reflects class, elegance and grandeur at its best? If so, a Victorian inspired decor is just what you need. It used warm tones, heavy wood work furniture with intricate design a great way of adding a grand feel to your decor. If you want to opt for this decor option, read on for 10 tips of doing up a Victorian Style Living Room.

The good thing about victorian style furniture no matter how simple they are, they look luxurious and glamorous giving the house a classy appearance. When you know how to arrange the furniture around the living room well, your victorian furniture could become the centre of attraction in your living room. The victorian living room styles below all have a different funiture arrange and unique pieces of victorian furniture that makes every living room unique.  Enjoy browsing and getting ideas of how you could make your living room a Victorian one.

1.  Brown victorian style living room design

modern brown victorian style sofa

This living room reflects romanticism at its best and is specially hand crafted out of solid woods with an antique walnut polish with a golden accent. Each piece features handmade artistry both on the back and front along with upholstery in top notch European fabric. The decor consists of a sofa, a loveseat and a chair all in light beige which complements the beige wall and curtains.

2. Victorian style brown living room

victorian style living room

Solid wooden frames, hand finished and intricately hand crafted furniture adds to the look of the room. The chair backs and sofa feature serpentine wooden rails. Each piece has a antique walnut polish while the table features a glass top. The color theme of the room has been kept muted working on warm shades.

3.  Victorian style parisian living room

parisian living room

The furniture have been hand crafted out of oak, cherry and maple along with a Parisian bronze polish, that gives them a museum like look. The upholstery is featured in ivory, while the wall and curtains are in a dark beige shade.

4.  Victorian Style Lordbryron Parlor Living room

victorian style dull colour living room

With a satin walnut finish along with golden accents, the furniture features intricate hand carvings all over the wooden trims. High quality European fabric has been used for the upholstery. A classic chandelier, white rug, and beige curtain match the look.

5. Blades club Victorian living room

victorian living room style

A sofa and two love seats in velvety beige is the crux of this decor. A dome shaped chandelier adds to the elegance, while a beige rug perfectly compliment the similarly hued wallpaper. To photo frames have been added for making the look more detailed.

6.  Victorian Style Venetian Living Room

Victorian style living room design ideas

Brown is the key shade here, with the walls featured in dark brown, the curtains in a muted shade of beige. The sofa is upholstered in top notch fabric in ivory with dark wooden trimmings. The throw in pillows complete the look.

7.  Victorian Style Grove Park Living Room

victorian living room style

This décor is all about casual elegance along with most design. The milky brown velvety upholster is bordered by dark wooden trimmings. The throw pillows add to the comfort quotient while lamp and coffee table complete the entire look.

8.  Victorian Style Anne Hatcher Living Room

ann hatcher victorian-living room-design

This decor is all about the beautiful combination of fabric! The firm cushions and pillows, the gather fabric look are add-on features. The couches reflect comfort at its best which complements the roaring fireplace. The coffee table, lamp shade and the glass front wardrobe finishes the look.

9. Victorian Style Nigels Living Room

victorian living room style with modern furniture

This room is all about solid hard wood designs, hand crafted patterns and down blend cushions. The finish is antique chestnut with golden accents. The walls are in a dark mustard, while the fireplace mantle in wood.

10.  Victorian Style Naples Living Room

golden victorian living room

Every element of this room is about classic elegance. The sofas feature kiln dried frames of mahogany, with gentle scallop design all over. The elegantly patterned poly foamed cushions, floral pattern rug in black and brown are a perfect add-on.

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